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News from the Stars April 2014

YouTube’s GetAstrologicNow channel
Malaysian flight 370
L’Wren  Scott

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View my chart research of Malaysian Flight of 370

Also view the charts of L’Wren  Scott and Mick Jagger concerning her tragic suicide.
She had a perfect yod (the Finger of God) formed by transiting Saturn at 29 degrees. What does this mean and how did it reflect in her life?

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Vedic Briefs: Predictions for April 2014 and Vedic Lesson

This month-hidden agendas and secrets are revealed. At the time of a solar eclipse many secrets come out into the open. This is an important solar eclipse because it involves Saturn. This means there are many political leaders that will face the truth and have to be accountable.  Saturn pertains to reality and there is a lot that will be uncovered.

Corruption in the area of repressed information to acquire financial gains is the keynote of this month. Many political leaders’ suppression of information will lead to the downfall of many nations.

There is a major health concern that is dominating world affairs. As Mars retrogrades in the sign Virgo health will be a major priority. There will be a mysterious new disease and or illness spreading globally.

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Predictions April 2014

Eclipses Lunar and Solar
Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Syria and the USA
Malaysian Airline Flight 370
Grand Mutable Cross
Ebola Health Crises

What’s next?

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April 2014 Spiritual Insights: Passing of Vedic Astrologer David LaGrone

I have sad news to announce; veteran Vedic astrologer David LaGrone has passed. He was an active part of the Fort Worth astrological community. Many years ago I attended my first Vedic astrology class taught by David LaGrone. He was brilliant and completely dedicated to Vedic astrology. Over the years we remained friends. He called me about six months ago and we exchanged pleasantries. Then he asked if he could put me in his will for his very extensive collection of Vedic astrology books and tapes. I told him I would be honored, and then asked if there was anything wrong. He said no not at all, he was just putting together a will. Then a week ago his daughter-in-law, Deb, called me with this message. “I am David's daughter-in-law and I have been asked by his children to contact you regarding the items that David has bequeathed to you.”

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April 2014 Logic

Why are people so rude to each other? A good friend asked me that question recently. I understand the basis of her query. I see thoughtless, unkind actions every day. Sometimes they come from me.

I am the most thoughtless of others while driving my car. Traffic and my constant need to get where I’m going as quickly as possible incubate the mindset. Usually all it takes is someone else being more thoughtless than me in traffic to jolt the awareness of my own actions. One of those proverbial light bulb moments occur where the glaring beam of truth shines unblinking on me demanding recognition. I acquiesce. My traffic etiquette improves and the rest of my day does too.

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Signs for April 2014


The partner becomes more demanding and difficult to make peace. Extreme behavior may escalate that can break many marriages. There may be the need to escape the trails and tribulations that plague life. There is a definite sense of not feeling connected to the world or life’s experiences. It may be time for a spiritual quest to understand new feelings of otherworldliness. Isolation and confusion give a sense of disconnection to life and detachment. As a loner others sense this subtle energy and cannot connect.


Expect highs and lows in financial matters. Family life and happiness may change with loss of family members or divorce. Loss of appetite will cause weight loss. The teeth may become loose and require dental work. There is a decline in eyesight; it may be time for glasses. Gains in money may come from an unexpected inheritance or financial settlement.


A quest for higher knowledge changes the approach to people, which will change the direction of life.
Unusual subjects inspire and open the mind. Willpower and drive is low discouraging participation in physical activities. Depression can take a toll on the mind causing a lack of interest in life. Travel can direct the focus in a new light of understanding. Lack of aptitude and mental focus may cause disruption in school or education. Thoughts in a spiritual direction give life meaning. There are losses or separation involving a sibling.


Time is spent away from home life. A career loss can move life in a different direction.
There is more expenditure and cost on the home or car. Cars can cause major trouble, breaking down. Do not purchase a car or a home at this time. There are security issues concerning home and family. Financial matters can cause problems with self-esteem. An empty feeling in the heart yearns to feel a connection to home and family.
Loss around the mother can bring family closer. Family reunions bring back memories and lost feelings. Changes in residence are not permanent. There is a wandering unsettled feeling in the soul.


New influential acquaintances instigate a different direction. Children are a source of trouble and concern. Be aware of their whereabouts and associations. There may be a separation with children, due to divorce or going away to college with major expense from settlements or education. Amazing insights flash visions of futuristic trends that can be very lucrative. Be Careful around investing due to an overly zealous and optimistic attitude. Obsessions from the past can control the mind in a negative way. Brilliant projects awaken the creative mind. It is time to explore new areas of interest in the arts and creativity. It is time to write that book.


Weakness may cause the immune system to be depleted. There is a lack of luster and interest in life. The health must be watched and physical checkups are required. The conditions around the work place are depressing with lack or support and the need for help. There are powerful secret enemies waiting to steal private information, be on guard and take precautions for protection. Loss of sleep, worrying through the night keeps the resistance low. Lies may be spread concerning the character. Surprising unethical legal problems may appear. The loss of a special aunt or uncle may disrupt the family.


Relationships will be tested and anything repressed will most certainly surface. An old love or someone from the past may appear to inspire love and romance. Losses for the partner may involve major health problems that need medical attention. Loss around career will lower the spouse’s self-esteem causing depression. Don’t ignore these issues for they can be serious. Life will take on a quality of fate and fortune as events change and take an entirely different direction than previously planned. Life will change dramatically for the Universal forces have a different plan in life. Embrace changes for a new life directing a positive and new direction.


This can be a time of gains and losses and relate to how money is acquired. Inheritances, marriage or divorce may bring unexpected financial gains. Whatever the predicament financially there will be extremes with gains or losses. There will be a dramatic shift with an unexpected opportunity. Expect the unexpected with money. It isn’t wise to take risks or gambles. The consumption of food or drink may be excessive surfacing addictive behaviors. Deep psychological work can promote healing of the emotional body and a release from the controlling past. Psychic development opens the mind to new ideas and studies. Communication with spirits and otherworldly beings comes naturally. Interest can give rise to new metaphysical studies. Problems with eyesight or with the teeth may require immediate attention, and costly dental work.


The father is on a steady decline and his health should be guarded. Retired from work or preparing for a big change, he may be depressed over a recent loss. Travel to mystical places inspires the need to explore spiritual growth. Unethical teachers or cult leaders may discourage the spiritual quest, but the understanding that a teacher is unnecessary breeds new vision and enlightenment. New beliefs change the direction of life and bring a deep awareness and consciousness. Past events bring clarity to the future and an understanding of the Divine laws of the Universe. It is not the time to peruse legal actions or contend with immigration legalities.


People will move in and out of the home. It is time to purchase or sell a house with a lifestyle change. Be careful not to overextend house payments or new items not needed. Be patient and don’t make dramatic changes during this time because they will not last. The mother may experience new opportunities that give rise and independence. Car problems may indicate it is time to buy a new car.


Unusual and unconventional friends disturb and hamper better judgment. Don’t be persuaded by unscrupulous ideas. If it appears too good to be true than it is too good to be true. It is time to socialize in the political arena, pay attention to humanitarian causes and charities for the betterment of humanity. This is a time of obsessing over ideas and plans. There are great achievements and advancements for children. Changes occur on the home front with possible new births or an empty nester. Extraordinary ideas come in flashes of inspiration but beware there is a fine line with genius and insanity. Intrigue with new ideas can transform the life. There is an interest in investments and speculation that may bring major win falls. Love of the arts and entertainment bring happy outings and fun. Sporting events bring a needed relief and connection with old or unusual friends.


Be aware of secret enemies lurking around the home, take precaution with alarm and security systems. Co-workers may steal ideas and clients, don’t reveal personal information. Gossip behind the scenes may cause problems at work and worries at night cause sleepless nights. A possible health scare can motivate a change in habits. This will promote better health in the future. This is an opportunity to change bad habits. There may be visits to the hospital.
Co-workers or employees cannot be depended on or trusted. Employees seem to quit at the most stressful times. Legal disputes may surface providing the strength and ambition to win a case. It is not a good time to hire new employees for there is a risk of thieves and loss through them. People may come back from the past to revive old memories.