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Spiritual Insights and Predictions for May 2014

The many tragedies that have occurred this past 6 weeks surface the realization of the ephemeral and uncertain nature of our world. The tragic events span the globe.

The Malaysian Flight 370, 239 people are lost. The threat of war with Russia and the Ukraine continues. The Mudslides in Washington state counts 41 deaths and 2 still missing. Another shooting at Fort hood, killed 3 and the attacker killed himself. A Ferry in South Korea capsized with 475 people onboard and over 300 missing, mostly teens. The school leader who got off the boat hung himself soon after he realized the many deaths. A FedEx truck crashes into a school bus, 10 students were killed. A school attack in Pennsylvania, a student went on a stabbing rampage injuring 22 leaving 4 in critical condition. In Nigeria 230 girls were abducted by Islamic extremists from a boarding school and remain missing. A 8.2 earthquake strikes the coast of Chili. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has claimed 135 deaths. A suspected U.S. drone strike in southern Yemen killed 55 militants. These are some of the main tragedies that have occurred recently. These are all the result of the intense planetary configurations I predicted would occur in my YouTube video as I did my 2014 yearly predictions.

Read more from Joni.


May Logic 2014

By Victoria Schaefer

Eclipses taught ancient people that darkness sometimes is a necessary part of the light givers. When they gazed at the sun or moon and watched it being devoured by darkness, it must have shook them to their souls. Yet as they sat in petrified silence they also witnessed the light return. Then they knew it was alright for the darkness to occasionally come.

Read more from Victoria.


Ask Joni: Question of the Month

Each month Joni answers a member’s question about astrology. If you have a question you would like Joni to answer, leave a comment at the end of this article.

This month’s question comes from Joelle Caldwell:

When a planet is retrograde how does it affect everyone individually based on their birth chart?

Joni: When a planet is retrograde it affects everyone specifically based on their individual birth chart. This depends on the houses the retrograde planet rules.

Read more from Joni.


Best days for Activities May 2014

It is best to begin new projects around the new moon and finish off those events already started after the Full Moon. The New Moon is April 29th and the Full Moon is may 14th.

After the April New Moon which is a Solar Eclipse there will be hidden unknown secrets come out of the dark which will shed light on the trend of new future occurrences.

Read more from Joni.


May Stock of the Month – Southwest Airlines: LUV

It may a bit too late to invest in this stock, but maybe not?

This is a premiere stock to invest in for there are many known variables I happen to know since I have been employed with Southwest Airlines since 1979.

Read more from Joni.


Vladimir Putin Chart

Analysis and Prediction of Vladimir Putin’s Astrological chart. Putin has a Libra ascendant with Venus in Libra in the 1st house. Venus in an angle (houses 1,4,7,10) In it sign of rulership or exalted is a mahapurusha yoga, Malavya yoga. This means Venus is extraordinarily powerful. Venus also receives the aspect of Jupiter empowering it all the more. Venus is artistic, graceful, and charming. Aside from the 1st house Venus rules the 8th house and his Moon is in the 8th house in Taurus ruled by Venus. This connection with the 1st house and 8th house can be very difficult in many ways. The 8th house rules control, power, disgrace and death. Putin will undergo many disgraceful and humiliating events in connection to his need to control and be in power. But the 8th house can get people into deep trouble even alluding to death. This may mean his death or the death of many people who surround him. He has many close experiences with death throughout life. The 8th house can be associated to corruption and his tactics may not be the most honorable to achieve his need for power. But with his Venus he can charm his way into anything he desires. The 8th house is also research and secrets, and he made his start for many years serving in the KGB. Read more from Joni.


Meaning of Planetary Aspects in Astrology

by Kapiel Raaj

Each planet in Vedic astrology has a special meaning when they aspect a house or planet. They exert a certain kind of influence upon them. Below are planets and the meaning of their aspect.

Read more from Kapiel.


Dharma, Vocation and Your Life’s Purpose

by Dennis Flaherty

The Dharma; The Purpose

The concept of dharma is deeply ingrained in Jyotisha, or what is commonly called Vedic astrology. A correct understanding of this concept is essential in properly comprehending one’s vocational path. The word dharma implies a recognition and fulfillment according to ones inherent purpose. Dharma is the law of our existence, the path of our destiny. The Vedas, the ancient spiritual scripture of India, speak of this: “There is nothing higher than dharma. Verily, that which is dharma is truth.”

Read more from Dennis.




Western/Tropical vs Vedic/Sidereal Sun Signs

Each month a member’s article will be chosen to be a part of the magazine.
We want to hear your voice as a member of our community.
Please send submissions to:

by Katya Faris
“How thinking that you are your Western/Tropical vs. Vedic/Sidereal sun sign hurts you; yes, we DO try to become our signs. This is what I’ve witnessed since I starting studying Vedic. Hope this helps! Oh, if you’re born between the 15-22 you are the same sun sign in both zodiacs! For everyone else, you are the sign behind what you think you are.

Read more from Katya.


What you Deny will Become your Destiny

By Joni Patry from “Awaken to the Power within You”
What you Deny will Become your Destiny


Read more from Joni.




Affirmation of the Month: May

Face your Fears

It is time to take that leap of faith. Your fears have been holding you back from achieving your aspirations. You must have the courage to move through your fears to attain your goals.

Read more from Joni.





Sign Predictions for May 2014


Money and financial matters are a focus and create unexpected problems. There may be some unexpected expenses this month with the mood to spend. The partner may create a financial drain. Pay attention to diet and daily habits, certain foods can cause upsets or health issues


Energy and stamina inspire a new exercise program. A sense of self-confidence comes from feeling strong and vital. It is time to get back into action with a renewed sense of purpose. A new sense of confidence leads to career success. Exercise consideration for others. Social events can bring unexpected events that open new doors of opportunity.


Quality time spent alone for the solitude rebuilds the spirit and gives time to meditate and find peace. It is time to retire and end and bring closure to many projects. Children may be a source of emotional drain and sadness. Past memories are awakening a new awareness and reality of the changes that have occurred over the years. Responsibility for others that need help keeps awake at night with worry.


Powerful people revered as influential authority figures offer help. Friendships with important people and social circles are broadening. Respected leaders or the father will give the career a boost. Opportunities for growth are presented in the community. Friends are a focus bringing new opportunities, but they may have ulterior motives looking out for themselves. There may be difficult news concerning the mother or the oldest sibling is demanding.


This is time to shine in the work and career. An advisory position is presented as an authority. Now is the time to schedule interviews and apply for the dream job. Expect awards and a possible promotion. As a rising star the sky is the limit. Self-confidence is at a peak, attention and recognition compliments a job well done.


Optimism brings a renewed sense of peace and contentment. A new perspective on life comes from an invigorating trust in beliefs and the spiritual core. Courses or books that teach human development may be the focus, and inspire a change in beliefs and the attitude towards life. A trip or get away can give the change of heart that is needed. Contact with a father figure will give guidance, and council. Travel plans to exotic places bring freedom and vision. Judgment of others can have a negative effect on future events.


The life force and resistance is low, beware of flues and illness. A sudden weakness can cause depression. There is a low sense of self-esteem. Take time to rest and don’t forget to take vitamins. This is not the time to push an agenda on others. Past Problems that have been ignored need to be addressed now. There are consequences from any unpaid dues resulting in humiliation. The partner may be responsible for financial problems due to impulsive overspending.


The partner is bossy and demanding. Let others feel they are in control to avoid disruption. Stay clear of the controlling forces of others. Time is important so rely on other’s help you get the work done. Don’t let others take control and power, quietly get the job done. The maternal grandmother may try to help, but is overbearing.


Health concerns become a priority. There is an interest in becoming stronger and healthier. Exercise and muscle building is easier with increased energy and stamina. Work can be more demanding and with much stress. A demanding boss and bossy coworkers make the workplace very difficult. It is time to change bad habits.


Inspiration to be more creative comes with flashes of insight. With an expanded consciousness it is good to write down the flood of ideas. Children are an important part of life. Advice is sought for a special area of expertise. Music and the arts are a form of entertainment. Sudden invitations to art galleries, plays or movies are a great escape. Dating or going out is a new pastime. It is time to open the heart and find love.


Home affairs are a major concern. There may be repairs or expenses in the home. Family gatherings or reunions bring warmth and happiness home. Time spent at home is appreciated. Security is a issue, look into home surety systems. There is a desire to change residence.


Siblings take charge and become bossy around areas of concern. Let them take the lead and life will be an easier. Strength and ambition gives an opportunity to take on new projects without any procrastination. Short travels open the mind to leaning valuable information.