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Spiritual Insights and Predictions for September 2014–

Planetary Aspects and Predictions

The planet that is most affected this month is Mercury due to it transiting its sign of exaltation in Virgo and conjunct Rahu. Mercury is the triggering planet for it is the faster moving planet that is setting off the Uranus and Pluto square. Mercury will square Pluto then oppose Uranus. Another very important feature this month is that Jupiter is casting a trine to Uranus and Ketu, and applying to a trine with Mars, which is exact October 9. Considering Mercury’s position and aspects to Uranus and Rahu, these planets all indicate technology, discoveries, and inventions. This can indicate some new technological advances and inventions. It could be discoveries in outer space for Uranus and Ketu in the sign of Pisces and nakshatra Revati are connected to outer space and other dimensions.

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Using the Navamsha Chart with the Birth Chart And the Karakamsha

Reverting planets from the birth chart into the navamsha then taking planets placements from the navamsha and placing them back into the birth chart gives very specific information. This is done when working with the Karakamsha.


The karakamsha can play an important role in determining life purpose therefore career.

The karakamsha is the navamsha sign occupied by the atma karaka.

The atma karaka is the planet that is highest in zodiacal degree in the birth chart. Once the planet in the highest zodiacal degree is determined, it is then placed in the navamsha. Whatever sign it falls in the navamsha, this sign is placed back into the birth chart and is used as an ascendant/lagna to find the individual’s purpose in life. All the planets of the birth chart remain the same only they are viewed with a different ascendant.

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September Logic: The Equinox For Your Body

by Victoria Belue Schaefer

It’s all about the balance.

The vernal – or fall – equinox happens in the northern hemisphere on September 23, in the very early hours of the morning. Equal amounts of day and night.

Our ancestors carefully calculated the equinoxes, solstices and cross quarters. It was considered sacred knowledge. Only the sage astrologers could accurately determine this prized information which helped people decide the dates of planting and harvesting their crops and hunting migrating animal herds.

These celestial events were also a time of celebration for many cultures. The Celts, Mayans and Egyptians were but a few of the many worldwide civilizations that created feasts and ceremonies at these times of the year.

During this epoch, astrology was understood to be a science. Astronomy was part of the study of astrology. There was no difference between the two. Astrologers were part of every monarch’s court, and many popes in pre-modern times had an astrologer on staff at the Vatican.

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Time Changes? What to Watch out for!

As an astrologer for over 30 years I remember calculating charts in the 70s. This is something most astrologers have no remembrance of doing. For those who have calculated charts by hand they have an understanding of the astronomical reasons for movement, time, and space. There is something in the process of the calculations that somehow gave you impressions of the individual you were preparing to read. By the time the chart preparation was complete you felt you already knew the person. It was like a meditation that gave you insights into the soul of the client before you met them. Even though this sounds very tempting, believe me, I do not want to go back to calculating charts again, but I am glad I experienced it.

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Tribute to the life of Robin Williams

As astrologers we are fascinated with understanding life and what makes people tick. In this respect we can better understand others and ourselves and the purpose and meaning of life. With astrology we can see into the deeper aspects of an individual’s mind, karma and destiny.

Celebrities have the potential to bring great awareness to the public. This can take place through their activism and leadership. Elizabeth Taylor was a staunch advocate for Aids research and heralded in great progress in this area. Betty Ford courageously empowered recovery for addictions even though she was disgraced publically through honestly owning up to her addictions.

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AstroFinance – September

Instead of focusing in on any particular stock I want to give a heads up in what I see happening astrologically in the stock market.

The economy is of great concern for many and there are many doomsday analysts predicting another crash particularly this fall since one thing in common with all stock market crashes is that they always happen around October.

My prediction is based on my recent research on stock market crashes, which involve the aspects of Saturn, Jupiter and the nodes of the Moon (Rahu and Ketu).

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