Western/Tropical vs Vedic/Sidereal Sun Signs

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Western/Tropical vs Vedic/Sidereal Sun Signs

Mona-Lisa-editby Katya Faris
“How thinking that you are your Western/Tropical vs. Vedic/Sidereal sun sign hurts you; yes, we DO try to become our signs. This is what I’ve witnessed since I starting studying Vedic. Hope this helps! Oh, if you’re born between the 15-22 you are the same sun sign in both zodiacs! For everyone else, you are the sign behind what you think you are.

An Aries who is actually a Pisces forces their visions on others; too loudly! Use your gentleness to convey your dreams, they will be received better.
A Taurus who is actually an Aries stays stubborn and doesn’t use the Aries force to get the energy moving, or does so in “bull like” manner, rather than like a General.
A Gemini who is actually a Taurus confuses flip-flopping on issues for actually being too stubborn to take a stand, or too lazy.
A Cancer who is actually a Gemini gets stuck in the child-phase and focuses too much on loss, instead of using the flexibility and changeability of Gemini to get a fresh emotional perspective.
A Leo who is actually a Cancer focuses too much on being bossy and taking charge, when they should be nurturing their inner child, and hence others’, too.
A Virgo who is actually a Leo lets their timidity take over and get lost in the details, instead of using the brazenness of Leo to take control.
A Libra who is actually a Virgo stays too much in the analytic mind getting pulled by both sides of an argument, instead of focusing on being the peacemaker.
A Scorpio who is actually a Libra focuses too much on modes of transformation (sex, drugs, and rock n’roll!), instead of the end product, peace and love!
A Sagittarius who is actually a Scorpio goes around stinging everyone with their words and putting their foot in their mouths until they have swallowed their whole hip; Scorpio phases are: scorpion, phoenix, then eagle. Let the fire burn off the old!
A Capricorn who is actually a Sagittarius stays stuck in the traditional culture mindset instead of using their fire to express their individuality, and teach others how to do it.
An Aquarius who is actually a Capricorn focuses too much on spreading the waters of love over humanity, instead of their own family and inner circle. Can be greedy, too, as confusion between hoarding and giving sets in.
A Pisces who is actually an Aquarius focuses too much on their own sensitivity and emotions instead of helping others through service with their inner life.”

Katya Faris, M.A. Ethnomusicology, is a World Class bellydancer, instructor, choreographer and director that has been dancing in the traditions of the Middle East since she was a young girl of 11, and danced with her Persian family in-laws and friends in Los Angeles, California.