Vedic astrology lesson: Venus Retrograde by Joni Patry

4 Aug 2012

Vedic astrology lesson: Venus Retrograde

When a planet is retrograde it appears to be moving backwards in the zodiac
from our perspective on earth, it involves our relative speed in
relationship as we orbit the Sun. A retrograde planet reverses the energy
that the planet rules. This means all areas that come under the rulership of
retrograde Venus become reversed and it is time to analyze this area of your
life. Venus rules relationships, contracts, agreements, value, banks, money
and peace.
On a personal level when Venus goes retrograde it affects the ability to
receive love or feel loved. It can be very disruptive in relationships and
marriage. Marriage is a contract and there are definitely unspoken
agreements and expectations within these relationships. Conditions
concerning marriage or committed relationships will be tested during the
time Venus retrogrades in the heavens, consequently there are more break ups
and divorce. Retrograde planets can indicate the past. Venus retrograde will
bring people and experiences from the past. So during Venus retrograde past
loves may re-emerge bringing forth old feelings and memories.
Venus rules value and self worth. Relationships are a direct indication for
our self worth. Relationships will reflect or mirror our sense of
gratification. If we are feeling worthless, we will attract a relationship
that validates our feelings of worthlessness as in an abusive relationship.
Another sense of our worth comes from our bank accounts and money, for our
accomplishment in the world is generally valued through financial success.
Venus retrograde can indicate issues with financial value or success.
If Venus is retrograde in an individual¹s birth chart it indicates not
feeling loved, or not receiving the love you need. It means there are
problems that need work in the area of relationships. The lesson here is
about finding a sense of self love, not based on the ego but on respect and
appreciation. Your values must come from yourself not through the insecurity
of needing validation or approval through others. Neediness can be draining
on relationships. This means finding contentment and peace within yourself.
Relationships will be healthier when there is a mutual respect instead of a
constant want for outer validation.