The 8th House of Surrender by Joni Patry

4 Aug 2012

The 8th House of Surrender

8th House(Mrityu Bhava)

Death, transformations, change, surrender, control and manipulation, power struggles, mafia, underworld, dark side, secrets, investigation and private investigators, getting to the bottom of things, uncovering the truth, research, study of metaphysics, obsessions, disgrace, scandals, bankruptcy, obstacles, misfortunes, accidents, surgery, length of life, inheritances or money from others such as wills, insurance polices or tax returns, monetary gains from partner, spiritual practices, mediums, intuition, psychic abilities, chronic and long-term sickness, sexual diseases, reproductive organs, elimination organs, life force.
Dusthana. Moksha.

The House of Transformation

The 8th house (and sign Scorpio) is the most misunderstood house of all. It is simply the house of transformation, but the price of such transformation is very difficult for most. It is necessary to undergo a kind of death process in order to transform the self. This means that we need to totally surrender our need to be in control. In effect, this requires the death of the ego. The more one tries to be in control, the more out of control one becomes, and this is manifested in problems such as obsessive-compulsive behavior. The transformation that evolves out of surrender heals the very core of the soul.
The 8th house pertains to control and power. The ways we feel a sense of control and power comes from three areas. They are the most taboo conversational topics: money, sex and death. It is uncomfortable to discuss these subjects, for they are a part of the secretive side. On a personal note you would not normally discuss your bank account, sexual experiences, or death. These issues create great fear in our society because they are part of the unknown. We are lead to believe that money and sex prevents one from attaining spiritual enlightenment. The fear of death controls how we live our life.

Dusthana and Moksha House

The 8th house is a Dusthana and a Moksha house. Dusthana houses (6, 8 and 12) are the most difficult pertaining to difficulties due to loss, disease, death and sorrow. Moksha houses (4, 8, and 12) are the houses that liberate the soul from the limitations and confines of physical life. They deal with the past, fear-based emotions, and the ultimate process of spiritual realization that comes when we release the past and fear. The suffering experienced from these houses inspires the desire for spiritual liberation.

Differences between the 8th and 12th houses and Disgrace

The 8th and 12th houses are both dusthana and moksha houses meaning through loss we seek our spirituality. While the 8th house is known as the house of death, the 12th house is the house of loss. Death is a loss and loss is a death. And many times it is hard to differentiate these two houses in terms of experience. The defining difference between these two houses is that the 8th house is about disgrace. The 12th house pertains to loss one feels with endings and letting go, like in the cyclic process of death after a long illness, old age or retirement. Whereas, the 8th house endings are intense and deal with difficult circumstances like divorce, accidents, being fired from a job or murder. The 8th house can be more sudden or forced loss, not letting go as in a cyclic process. So both houses deal with endings, loss and death.
Disgrace is an intense feeling of shame, and embarrassment. Disgrace, shame and embarrassment are all emotions that completely destroy self-esteem or self worth, leading to death unless intervention occurs. This self-loathing initially causes one to fight back through gaining a sense of power over others and the situation. Left unattended extreme ways develop to feel control such as bulling, stealing, sexual abuse, eating disorders, murder or suicide. These negative attempts to get back a sense of control destroy lives. Once outer means of control are exhausted any means of escape are sought to alleviate the inner turmoil and suffering. Escape is sought through addictions with alcohol, drugs, gambling, shopping, or stealing. These are attempts to temporarily feel good about oneself. There seems to be a self-centered all consuming focus with complete exclusion of others. What is obvious to others is initially denied by the addict. Denial is always the beginning stage of transformation and acceptance or surrender is always the final.


The cyclic pattern of addiction is hard to break, and becomes habitual. These feelings are set at an early stage in life and with continual denial and suppression they grow into bigger and bigger problems. The pain of guilt will always surface the truth. Once the truth is brought to light, the shadows will disappear.
This is the meaning of the Greek myth about Hercules and the Hydra. Hercules the strongest man in the world was sought to kill the most horrifying monster the Hydra. This monster had many terrifying swaying heads. As Hercules swung his sword, he cut off the heads and many more grew back immediately. But it wasn’t till Hercules got on his knees and brought the Hydra to the light that its dissolved and disappeared. This symbolizes that when we deny our fears and fight back with ego then our fears multiply becoming overwhelming. But when we surrender and bring our fears to the light they aren’t so terrifying, they dissolve and disappear. In the light our fears cannot control us, we are released from guilt and shame. There is no longer anything to hide or suppress, the truth will set us free.
Past and Heritage, Pride or Shame
The moksha houses pertain to the past on a deep level. We all have a sense of who we are based on our past and heritage. Our sense of pride as to what we are is at stake in terms of our self worth. This goes back to our family heritage and experiences around these issues as we develop from an early age. We tend to gravitate to familiar feelings and recreate the experiences we felt in childhood. This motivational factor of familiarity may choose abandonment, loss, poverty or humiliation because it is better then unknown.
Whereas the 4th house pertains to our heritage and gene pool, it also represents our sense of pride in our past based on our family, culture and country. The 8th house takes this to another level of either shame or pride of our past. These appear to be areas we cannot control or change. We cannot change our parents or culture, but without a sense of pride we tend to deny with shame associated to our heritage. When we unconsciously deny a part of ourselves we have no power to change. We direct our focus into areas that distract us from the issue pending. We must be who and what we were born to be or we will be unhappy. We cannot pretend to be something we are not, this is living a lie. We seek validation outside of our selves when we are unsure of ourselves. When we live our lives based on pride and recognition of who we really are, we live a life of fulfillment. 

Near Death Experiences

The near death experience is the ultimate experience that frees the soul to live a life without fear. There is a realization that we never really die. Anyone who has had a near death experience changes with a renewed sense of purpose and passion.
In the book “Dying to be Me” by Anita Moorjani has a near death experience (NDE) and came back to tell her story. Her message is simple; we are here to be ourselves. She was dying to be her true self.


All emotions felt in this psychological place bring us to the core essence and understanding of human nature. The 8th house is the house of psychoanalysis, the introspection of our behavior based on conditions within our environment. But the environment is not everything. Once we uncover the root cause of our emotional reactions, an understanding enables a release of the control it holds on us. Out of the moksha houses comes compassion and understanding, for this is where we are face our greatest fears. These fears are essentially the fear of the unknown. But by understanding the self we understand the unknown. We must face our fears to discover the truth.

Scientific Research

We innately know the truth of cause and effect. Nature is a force that cannot be denied and reacts through these simple laws. This law or science governs the matter of the physical Universe. When we go against natural laws, imbalance and dysfunction are always the result. Lack of understanding of these fundamental laws causes problems. People confuse the truth of right and wrong with their upbringing of religious dogma but we all innately know the truth. This must be why the 8th house has to do with scientific research, discovering answers to our existence. This is the house of the deepest understanding of causal laws. Great scientist such Einstein have profound planets in the 8th house.

Metaphysical Sciences

The 8th house is the house of metaphysical studies. Metaphysical means: beyond the physical. These are the sciences that involve forces not capable of being measured by physical means. Love is metaphysical and definitely has a physiological response on the body. Miraculous powers manifest through this house. Metaphysical sciences such as psychology, astrology, or numerology give reason and rational for reasons “why” and understanding of the self. These are different from the spiritual studies that are based on faith and trust. Faith and trust comes from the 9th and 12th houses both ruled by Jupiter, the ruler of the 9th and 12th signs, Sagittarius and Pisces. These houses rule spiritual beliefs.

Mediums, Psychics and Spirit Possession

The 8th house is the house of mediums, channels, intuition and psychic abilities. This is the house connected to other dimensions and to those who have crossed over, it is the house of death. It is the ability to receive messages and guidance from the spirit world, but at times it may involve the dark side of the spirit world, which can involve possession or negative spirit attachments.
Many psychics become private investigators to find missing people. The 8th house is investigation, research and psychic ability. It is the house of metaphysical powers to find the hidden or lost.

Knowledge is Power

To connect to other worlds and see beyond involves a power that goes outside the understanding of this world. Power is simply knowledge and cannot be abused or it becomes very destructive. Adolph Hitler was known to seek the powers of the occult (hidden sciences) for self gain. He wanted to rule the world. Knowledge is meant to heal the human condition not inflate the ego. When we feel we are separate and overpower others we isolate and destroy ourselves. The 8th house is knowledge that gives power.

Mars and the Solar Plexus

Mars as the ruler of Scorpio rules the Solar plexus the energy center of our body (Chakra). The solar plexus is about our self-esteem and sense of power. When we are imbalanced in this area we are prone to anger.  Mars is the planet of power, energy, drive, ambition, competition, anger and war. When provoked to anger we tend to accuse others, this is a very uncomfortable emotion. Anger lashes out impulsively and is usually based on an unconscious reaction from feelings of injustice we assumed from our past. Analyzing and understanding where these feelings originate heal the response to the stimulus. Growth comes from not casting blame and owning the feeling and consequences. To admit you are wrong is to surrender your false sense of power and gives the opportunity for change.

Power Struggles, Manipulation, and Empowerment

The 8th house deals with manipulation and power struggles from the dark side. The meaning of a planet comes to govern the world when discovered. Pluto was discovered 1930 when the world was in a very dark place. Mafias were in power and dictators like Hitler began to dominate the world. Pluto brought to the forefront the mythology of Pluto: control, power, the underworld, and secrets. Pluto is associated with the 8th sign Scorpio and the 8th house. During this time the atomic bomb was created indicating the powerful destructive force ruled by this planet, sign and house.
But these forces of nature can be used in a positive way for the secrets of the 8th house can be used to understand and heal. Unfortunately, they were used for self-gain and caused enormous destruction. Manipulating the forces of power out of fear will always destroy, but used in the light of truth and wisdom can unleash the greatest power of the Universe. When we surrender to the higher power our fears dissolve, and the realization we are not in control cultivates the ultimate sense of power through empowerment. The most powerful sense we can attain is through empowerment of others.

Magnetism and Charisma

An attribute of the 8th house is magnetism and charisma. These are energetic properties someone has that cannot be described, only sensed. Sometimes charisma is used in a way to attract others through seduction and sexuality.
This is the house of sexual obsessions or sexual abuse, and relates to shame indicated by the past and family. Imbalances in this area are usually seen from an early age.

Controversy, Scandals and Misfortune

The 8th house is a place of difficulty and planets placed here struggle in some way. Since it is the house of life and death our natural instinct is to hold on to life but to cross to the other side we must let go of the natural urge to survive. This is the house of controversy for we are to deny our instincts and urges in order to come to the next level of transition. It is a place of breakthroughs in consciousness and awareness through resistance. It is not natural to dive into the unknown. It can indicate suicide, for this is a jump into the unknown, death.

Length of Life

The 8th and 3rd house determines the length of life. The 3rd house is our life force and the 8th is how long we live.
In Vedic astrology “Balarita Yoga” is when the Moon is in a Dusthana house. It is believed that the Moon in houses 6, 8 or 12 can indicate a short life, a child would not live beyond 12 years old. This of course has to be in combination with other difficulties in a chart, but no doubt this further confirms the 8th house is not about ease and comfort. We are always reminded that this is the house of death.

Sexual Scandals

The 8th house indicates strong sensual and sexual influences. Many times this can cause scandalous affairs. President Clinton’s scandalous affair with Monica Lewinsky occurred when his natal 8th house Moon was transiting by Saturn. Saturn will surface the truth and teaches lessons we must learn as in scandals. This involves acts that go against the laws of nature such as lying, cheating, stealing, or killing.

Money through others: Inheritance, Wills and Divorce

This is the house of money that comes through others such as inheritances, wills, insurance polices, tax returns, divorce and even lotteries. Money that comes from these life circumstances usually has a price, such as death or divorce. Even the results of a lottery win can have destructive repercussions.
The 2nd house is your personal money and wealth. The opposing 8th house is money you share, or receive through other people. It is the house of your partner’s money. It can indicate the financial situation or status of your spouse. Powerful planets here will indicate a wealthy partner.

6th and 8th House
Acute /Chronic Health Problems and Debt/Bankruptcy

Both the 8th and 6th houses concern health and money. The 6th house is the house of health, disease and illness but concerns acute diseases while the 8th house is chronic and long-term sickness. The 8th house is also the house of surgery, which is an extreme measure to repair the body. And while the 6th house is the house of debts the 8th house is the house of bankruptcy. Both houses 6 and 8 are dusthana pertaining to suffering, but the 6th house is upachaya meaning it has the recuperative powers to improve and get better. The 8th house does not get better for it is the house of death.

5 stages of Death and Dying; the process of the 8th House

At some point we must surrender to the realization that ultimately we must die. There are five stages of emotional transition discussed by Elizabeth Kubler Ross in the five stages of death and dying: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and surrender. These are all experiences processed through the 8th house.

Reproductive and Elimination Organs

The part of the body ruled by the 8th house and Scorpio is the reproductive organs and health problems of the internal reproductive organs. The 7th house and Libra rules the external reproductive system. Furthermore, the 8th house and Scorpio rules elimination such as the colon. Symbolically this refers to the need to release and let go in order to cleanse and grow. To hold on to toxins and waste will pollute and poison our bodies and our lives.

Water Signs and Houses

The water element is about our soul essence. These are the most misunderstood signs and houses. They deal with the ultimate healing of our human condition, and connect us to other dimensions beyond this world. The first water sign is Cancer. This is the fourth sign of the natural zodiac and therefore relates to the fourth house. Five signs from Cancer is the water sign Scorpio, which constitutes the eighth sign or eighth house, and nine houses from Cancer is the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces. Pisces is the twelfth sign and relates to the twelfth house. This is the water triplicity. Houses 4, 8, and 12 relate to water. They deal with emotions, which, when healed, result in our final liberation, freedom of the earthly plane. These houses are called the moksha houses.
All suffering comes from fear. Fear comes from the unknown. The “not knowing” comes from ignorance. Ignorance is what keeps us in the illusion. The truth will set us free. Let us look into the dynamics of the zodiac to help heal our illusions about ourselves. Through this we can find our final liberation. Through the self, all things will be known. This is what is referred to as self-realization.
The water triangle represents our emotional body and how our experiences affect our soul. The soul is our individual essence that we carry with us from lifetime to lifetime and which leads us into the realms of self-discovery. We want to know how to heal the deep emotional scars that plague our lives and imprint our soul

The Eighth House
(It is the 8th from the 1st)
(It is the 1st from the 8th).

The core meaning of the 8th house is change and transformation. All the other meanings steam off of this basis. Death just happens to be the most major transformation we make in a lifetime. This is the house of birth and death. A transformation always means something dies to a new life. This can refer to endings that make way for new beginnings in our life. The deviations that are attributed to the 8th house such as obsessions, addictions, and compulsions come from our inability to change. We become fixated and resist the inevitable changes. Change is not hard, it is our resistance to change that makes it so difficult on ourselves. Issues of control become a part of the mechanisms to advert necessary changes. As we feel a sense of control we feel empowered, but it is an illusion, because we can never be completely in control when nothing here is eternal. Control over other people comes through money, power and sex. These are the vices of the 8th house. Feelings of disgrace and shame come from the abuses of these issues for it is a true sign of weakness to feel the need to control others. The more you try to be in control the more out of control you become. This is exemplified in eating disorders. So, the key to the 8th house is surrender. This is what is necessary to allow change and transformation.
It is the 9th from the 12th house. This is the house of spirituality from truth. It is what we learn from loss and learning to forgive. It is foreign travels possibly for spiritual reasons.
It is the 12th from the 9th house. It is our disbelief in spirituality or loss of our beliefs. 
It is the 10th from the 11th house. It is jobs offered from friends or large organizations, it is our ultimate rewards.
It is the 11th from the 10th house. It is the friends or associations we acquire from our careers. It is large gains from our career or profession.
It is the 2nd from the 7th house. This is the house of our spouse’s money or wealth. It can also indicate the wealth of our business partners.
It is the 7th from the 2nd house. This is the money we share with our spouse or business partners.
It is the 3rd from the 6th house. This is the will power it takes to change. It can indicate commuting to work, also our communications with our employees.
It is the 6th from the 3rd house. This can indicate trouble from siblings or competitors. It can also indicate our sibling’s health and sickness.
It is the 4th from the 5th house. This is the house for happiness from children. It is property and security from children especially the first born.
It is the 5th from the 4th house. This is the advice given from our mother. It can also be money made from securities and real estate.

Planets placed in 8th house Natal or Transiting

Sun: Test of humility through disgrace. Power and self-confidence may be sought through unethical means. But determination to overcome this tendency will be rewarded with real power. There is shame and resentment associated with the father. 
Moon: Emotions run deep with memories of past conditioning give a profound sense of self. Difficult early childhood due to mother’s perplexing issues. Intuition and psychic ability give insight into different worlds and a different way to view life’s experiences.
Mercury: Mercury is the only planet that prospers in the 8th house! Mercury/Hermes was the only god allowed to venture into the underworld and return. Deep perception uncovers the truth. Research and scientific discoveries.
Venus: Intense need for love, searching for a soul mate. Disappointment with betrayal in love relationships. Money from marriage or divorce.
Mars: Profound emotion and need to unlock the worldly secrets. Profound intelligence that goes beyond this world. Use of powers that can destroy or heal. Suppressed anger motivates rash decisions. Problems or separation with siblings.
Jupiter: Deep quest to understand the meaning and workings of the Universe. Wealth from the marriage partner. Loss around issues with children.
Saturn: Long life.  Search for meaning through life. Wisdom cultivated through life experience, wise old soul. Financial Loss from spouse. Struggle to find life’s work and career. Weary with superficial ways of the world.
Rahu: Obsessive compulsive need to be in control. Sexual powers to attract or ego inflation. Sense of power that can abuse or heal.
Ketu: Deep spiritual knowledge, introspection or escape from the material world. Death experiences that change perception. Connection to other dimensions.
Uranus: Sudden and unexpected change of direction. Endings that cause unrest and shock. Unconventional attitude, an outcast.
Neptune: Intuitive mind, can be delusional. An appreciation for art and beauty of a higher essence.
Pluto: Intensity of emotion. Disgrace from humiliation that can either destroy or empower. Addictions and compulsive obsessive behavior.