Spiritual Insights for October 2012

5 Oct 2012

This will be a very volatile month astrologically. I foresee economic extremes and a possible stock market crash. Foreboding information generates fear and apprehension. Simultaneously, the political fight escalates emotions of Americans believing the fate of their nation is at stake with the next President. No matter who is elected as President there will an opposing side that feels a great loss. Emotions are heightened with anger.
It seems no one can be objective without judgment or favoritism to their political side, demonizing the opposing party. There is an important spiritual message from this incredible event in history.
"It is a rare person who wants to hear what he doesn't want to hear."
-Dick Cavet 

Let me explain what is at stake with this massive reflection of our consciousness, what we can learn and how to change to create the world we want to live in. 
Everything 'out there' is a reflection of our individual awareness and consciousness. This is a world of duality, which consists of opposites. But opposites do not need to conflict and destroy each other, instead they are
meant to complement and balance. In a horoscope the 7th house is the house of opponents, open enemies and is the house of marriage. This means we must learn to compromise and balance the opposing forces. These opposing forces give way to an appreciation of the differences such as in the opposites of night and day, male and female, give and take, birth and death and love and war. Interestingly, Aries the first sign of the zodiac concerns the 'self', while the 7th sign of the zodiac Libra is the sign of marriage, relationships and peace. We must learn to balance and compromise to find peace; this gives balance, which is a symbol (balancing scales) for the sign
Libra. The symbol for Mars (rules Aries) is male and the symbol for female is Venus (rules Libra). The opposition of energy that we are here to balance comes through relationships. We can learn so much about ourselves
through relationships, for they are a reflection of ourselves. The ultimate key to this world of duality is balance as is so clearly represented in the yin and yang symbol.
The current political race has clearly defined the opposing opposites. There are defiant walls of righteousness and condemnation coming from both sides of the political parties. And as the American people take sides they are consumed with anger. They believe their way will save the world while the opposing way will destroy it.
There is a message we can glean from this incredible competition. In terms of relationships the most important way to heal is to not cast blame on others. To blame others gives your power away. To take responsibility gives
the power back and capability to look at solutions. The mass consciousness is in a place of blame and this can never lead to a resolution. The political race is steeped in blame on both sides and neither is focused solely on solutions. Only when there is a political candidate that casts no blame will we have a healing in our nation, world and ourselves. When we blame others for our life predicaments we become a victim. Victims never
experience the rewards of healing and growth. The political race is a realization of the level of consciousness being projected of our evolution. This requires surrender to the need to be right and focus on the issues. There is no political leader or savior who can take away your problems. There is no one who can save you from yourself.
A huge destructive force in all relationships is with expectations. When we have certain expectations for someone else we will always be disappointed. We cannot expect others to do and be what we want, for this infringes on their free will. Most of what one does for others is in pursuit to get what they expect for themselves. When you feel you have sacrificed yourself or given anything, you must give without strings attached. Resentment is the result of those who are expected to act in certain way due to the gifts given. If something is given with expectation this is a means of control. In cases of children's rebellion, parents unconsciously make them feel guilty
due to their sacrifice or money. The expectations placed on their children builds into resentment and rebellion.
As for the political candidates, the expectations put forth on the Presidents of the United States are impossible, and as a result Presidents fall from
public favor. The social climate and trends obscure real objectivity of the actual accomplishments of a President. President Nixon, who was despised for his illegal and corrupt actions in Watergate, was asked to resign from
office, yet his diplomatic genius was unrivaled by any modern President. He did more for the world trade markets than any President. He opened the trade policy with China and secretly initiated the end of the Cold War.
My point is all world events are a part and reflection of ourselves. We can learn and grow if we are willing to understand and see the messages in the mass consciousness. If it is out there, it is within each of us, and through
this understanding we can change our lives effecting all of humanity.
3 Steps to Healing Relationships
1) Take responsibility. No Blaming others! Look for ways you have contributed to the problems. Don¹t be a victim. Victims never get anywhere and wallow in their  self-pity and miserable life. 
2) Find solutions. Focus on what can be done to remedy the problem. Every time yourevert to blame you are not finding a solution.
3) No expectations of others. You can only depend on the expectations you set for yourself. Give without strings attached. 
It takes deep self-analysis to understand where you may have been expecting others to do or be something because of what you did or gave them. This is the core reason why relationships are destroyed.