Spiritual Insights and Predictions for May 2014

The many tragedies that have occurred this past 6 weeks surface the realization of the ephemeral and uncertain nature of our world. The tragic events span the globe.

The Malaysian Flight 370, 239 people are lost. The threat of war with Russia and the Ukraine continues. The Mudslides in Washington state counts 41 deaths and 2 still missing. Another shooting at Fort hood, killed 3 and the attacker killed himself. A Ferry in South Korea capsized with 475 people onboard and over 300 missing, mostly teens. The school leader who got off the boat hung himself soon after he realized the many deaths. A FedEx truck crashes into a school bus, 10 students were killed. A school attack in Pennsylvania, a student went on a stabbing rampage injuring 22 leaving 4 in critical condition. In Nigeria 230 girls were abducted by Islamic extremists from a boarding school and remain missing. A 8.2 earthquake strikes the coast of Chili. The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has claimed 135 deaths. A suspected U.S. drone strike in southern Yemen killed 55 militants. These are some of the main tragedies that have occurred recently. These are all the result of the intense planetary configurations I predicted would occur in my YouTube video as I did my 2014 yearly predictions.

The grand cross with Mars, Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto have been forming the entire month of April. Mars retrograde intensifies emotion and anger. The eclipse energy of the lunar and solar eclipse has hidden much of the information that will be revealed in the month of May. During this time these hidden secrets much are the shadows of eclipses, which hide the truth. But once the truth is revealed progress can be made. The 2 week period between the Solar eclipse April 29 to the full Moon May 14 at 29 degrees Libra will surface the truth in many areas of world events and your own life experiences. Once you have all the information you need the path will be clear. This full Moon occurs at the last degree of Libra where Saturn stationed retrograde March 2nd. The last degree of a sign indicates many issues that are coming to finality. This means there are many events that will have a final conclusion.

Another variable that cannot be over emphasized is the fact that transiting Jupiter has been in the nakshatra Ardra, which is the nakshatra of tragic events and this has most definitely produced many tragic events over Jupiter’s transit in this portion of the sky. Interestingly, because Ardra is in the sign of Gemini the air sign of travel it makes sense that the majority of these tragedies involve travel. The last time Jupiter was in Ardra was in 2001 during the September 11th tragedies, again involving airplanes.

My point is losses with travel are the result of Jupiter’s transit in Gemini, Ardra nakshatra. Furthermore it is interesting to note that in the recent losses there were many teens and this is another indication of Gemini, youth. The symbol of Ardra is a teardrop and I know we all have felt the sadness of the many tears that have been shed during this vary sad and intense time.

I am happy to reveal that Jupiter will leave the nakshatra Ardra April 24th not to return for another 12-13 years from now. Jupiter will move into the nakshatra Punarvasu, which means the return of the light. This is symbolic of the sunny days that appear after the darkness of treacherous storms. So as this insinuates we will soon feel the sunlight after a dark period on humanity and we will soon have vision and a sense of happiness will be restored.

But we are not out of the dark yet! Mars is still in hard aspect to Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto. Mars will station to turn direct at 14 degrees of Virgo, May 19-20. This will intensify the area ignited around war and hostility around the world. Since the solar eclipse on April 29th is 14 degrees of Aries, the Mars station at 14 degrees of Virgo will hit this eclipse degree with the 8th full aspect of Mars. The 8th aspect of Mars does send great danger with the possibility of much death and fighting.

During Mars stay in the sign of Virgo through July I believe the Ebola virus is creating the seed that has the potential to kill many. This is the incubation period. What people are not realizing is the spread will be through some kind of bugs or insects. This was revealed to me in a meditation.

My message that is being revealed is the power of the shadow. We all have our shadow self that we cannot see but when it is revealed and accepted it gives us the power that is necessary to change and transform our lives. This is what we must contemplate during the darkness of the eclipse season being that they represent the shadows. In the darkness these secrets hold the key to the answers of life. The analogy of the myth of Hercules and the Hydra best explains this important message that can bring healing to your life now.

This is an excerpt from my book Awaken to the Power within You written in 2006 but never yet released:


If you choose to be indignant, self-righteous, and justified about your feelings instead of surrendering to your fears, you will remain where you are. But if you are ready to change and receive that which you desire, be prepared to face some unpleasant aspects of yourself and your life. It can be a very humbling experience. Remember, we are never given anything we cannot handle.

Myth of Hercules and the Hydra

The Greek myth of Hercules and the hydra is symbolic of the issue of denying our fears. Hercules was sent to kill this very frightening monster that threatened the people. The hydra is a terrifying monster with many swaying long dragon heads. Each time Hercules cut off a head with his sword, many more immediately grew back in its place. It wasn’t till he got down on his knees and brought the hydra to the light that the creature began to dissolve and disappear. This is symbolic that our fears will multiply (as the heads grew back) if we deny them, but when we surrender (being brought to our knees) and bring them to the surface or to the light (conscious awareness), then they will disappear, dissolve, and not afflict us any more.

During this very intense period we must be aware that in the darkness our fears grow and magnify. It takes open communication and the ability to recognize our fears to change and grow. In any relationship you must be open and unafraid to communicate the truth because in the event of avoidance or lack of communication the imagination grows wild conjuring up vivid and dangerous assumptions. But as you bring the truth to light the reality without fear heals and brings peace to any misunderstanding. This will bring happy and harmonious relationships into your life. Family, friends and lovers have a sense of love and understanding when there are no secrets and illusions of monsters lurking in the dark. Don’t live in the shadow bring forth the light, remember there is no darkness where there is light. Many blessings will manifest from the realizations discovered through this incubation period in the darkness. This is symbolic of a fetus as it grows in the dark preparing for the new birth or a transformation to a new life.

May 28th Rahu will conjoin the degree Mars stationed March 1st.This indicates more violence and war to occur throughout the world while Mars transits in Libra through July. There is much more to come in these turbulent times.

Planetary Aspects

May 02: Mercury opposed Saturn: 26 degrees Aries/Libra
May 10: Sun opposed Saturn: 25 degrees Aries/Libra
May 11: Mercury square Neptune, 13 degrees Taurus/Aquarius
Venus opposed Mars: 15 degrees Pisces/Virgo
May 14: Full Moon: 29 degrees Libra/Aries, nakshatra: Vishaka
May 14th: Venus in Grand Cross: conjunct Uranus, square Pluto, square Jupiter, opposed Mars
May 20: Mars Direct 14 degrees Virgo
May 24: Jupiter trines Saturn: 24 degrees Gemini to 24 degrees Libra
May 28: Rahu crosses the degree Mars stationed 3 degrees Libra
May 28: New Moon: 13 degrees Taurus, nakshatra: Rohini