Spiritual Insights June 2013

Jupiter changes into Gemini, Rare Opportunity
Major Storms, Severe Weather, Tornados
Extreme Events, Volcanic Eruptions, Earth Quakes
Problems for President
Mercury Retrograde and Mass Communication Failure
Astrological Predictions June 2013

Speaking in Phoenix in June
June 21-22, 2013 Phoenix, AZ: The Arizona Society of Astrologers
Friday night: World events from the Saturn/Rahu conjunction
Saturday workshop: Saturn/ Rahu how they affect us individually 

Jupiter changes into Gemini, Rare Opportunity

Jupiter the great benific that brings freedom and wealth is changing signs May 30th.  Jupiter will remain in Gemini for a year from May 30, 2013-June 18, 2014. While Jupiter is in Gemini it will begin to trine Saturn and Rahu. This will shift the energy of Saturn and Rahu. This can bring sudden luck and fortune to many.  Those with planets in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will experience a sudden shift in fortune, fate and destiny. See how Jupiter’s shift will affect your life and learn how to take advantage of this rare astrological opportunity.
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After the calamity of April and May we are in a brief period of peace. The month of June will shift the attention to very interesting and inspiring news. It is important to use this time for good. April and May were very violent around the world. As the year progresses severe events will intensify.

Major Storms, Severe Weather, Tornados

Currently, a colossal tragedy of one of the most destructive tornados in the world’s history just hit Moore, Oklahoma, May 20th. And I believe there is even more yet to come. This year will go down in history for severe weather.

From my book: Predictions for 2013:
Each time Rahu was in Libra there were extremes with weather, record cold winters and hot summers, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.

Swati (6 degrees 40 minutes Libra– 20 degrees Libra) Ruled by Rahu

July 16, 2013- February 14, 2014: Rahu in Swati
October 12, 2012-November 4, 2013: Saturn in Swati
July 16-November 4, 2013:  Both Saturn and Rahu in Swati

The symbol is a young sprout swaying in the wind, indicates independence and movement. The ruling deity is Vayu, the wind. This represents new growth and beginnings, but the tendency to sway back and forth. The symbol of the wind indicates strong forces, which represent storms and severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, typhoons, and tornadoes throughout this time.”

Jupiter in Gemini

The shift of Jupiter into a new sign marks a time of change and readjustment. Jupiter in Gemini will change the way we think, open minds and bridge the world through better communications. But at the same time repressed thoughts and communications will be purged. The media that controls our information will have a downfall involving secrets and government cover-ups. During Mercury retrograde in Gemini there will be mass communication failures, which affects all connections including cell phones, Internet, computers and the World Wide Web. This could be catastrophic.

Jupiter’s shift into Gemini will benefit certain signs that have been having a difficult time. In particular signs Gemini and Libra will have a new stoke of luck.

President Obama

The President is in for a rough time. No rest for the weary. As Mars transits through Taurus this month it will conjunct his natal Moon and aspect his Mars/Rahu in the 8th house. He will have to struggle against more accusations.  But the worse time for him will be in the fall when Mars is in Cancer and Leo, August 19- November 27, 2013.

From my book: Predictions for 2013:
“President Barack Obama’s natal Mercury and Sun conjoins Mercury and Rahu in the 8th house of USA birth chart. This connects him with the powers that control the USA economy and banks.  The 8th house indicates power and control and sometimes relates to corruption.”

Extreme Events, Volcanic Eruptions, Earth Quakes

Extreme events in the USA, shooting on mother’s day in New Orleans,
Inner city of Chicago at war, train wreck in Connecticut, and massive tornados and the shooting and violence goes on worldwide.

Around the world Syria, Iraq and North Korea. Serious threats around the world are coming to a head. The world will experience serious consequences before Saturn and Rahu leave Libra. This is now through 07/13/14.

There was an airline crash with fire as I predicted on May 17th in Pakistan, killing all 127 passengers and a near miss in Newark, where the aircraft landed on its belly. Airline casualties will be on the rise.

Now there is a huge volcano erupting in Alaska, this marks the onset of earthquakes in the northern hemisphere. The eclipse path of the May solar eclipse covers the entire landmass of Australia. This affects all of the Pacific islands, Polynesia, and Indonesia. This indicates that earthquakes will affect these regions and the US Pacific coastline.
From May News from the Stars:
May 20: Uranus and Pluto come into their exact square at 17 degrees, which mark a critical degree pertaining to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.”


2013 will bring forth a change that will shift our perception of the world. You can only believe when you are ready. Many want to deny and stay asleep. This is always a choice, remember for the believer there is no proof needed, but for the non-believer there is never enough proof.

I believe this year will bring forth many accounts of extraterrestrials. Many have witnessed them, but so many still deny their presence even with numerous facts. The most astounding to me was the “Phoenix Lights” in 1997. An alien spacecraft hovered over Phoenix, Arizona in 1997 and thousands witnessed it including the governor of Arizona. Initially he said it was not an alien spacecraft but recently he has come forth with the truth, that he saw an alien spacecraft and it was not of this world. Check out this video. This stuff is real and has been happening.

There are many accounts of this event as there has been many in the past. But I think the best is yet to come this year. It has been observed that whenever humans become more destructive there seems to be an influx of extraterrestrial sightings. It seems when there is the treat of nuclear war or testing many new sightings appear. Why? They are checking up on us and are trying to prevent us from destroying not only ourselves, but damage to the Universe. Nuclear energy sets off waves of destruction to the entire Universe and we are too ignorant to understand what we are doing.

This stuff is real but those in power still make jokes that anyone who recognizes this is insane, all the while they know the truth. I hope their responses will soon change.

There is no reason to be afraid, they are a blessing because they know that they have to protect us from ourselves.

Mercury Retrograde

Astrologically the stellium of planets in Gemini this summer represents new knowledge and information that pertains to travel and learning more about our world and the Universe. Mercury while in Gemini will go retrograde which magnifies the effects in this area of the zodiac. Remember when planets go retrograde they intensify the sign they are in and bring forth things that need to be reinvestigated. I believe this involves travel, time, space, and extraterrestrials. There is so much to learn and know about the world and Universe and many new discoveries will be revealed, if we are open to learning.

Problems occurring with travel will be associated with power failures taking down all lines of communications, cell phones, Internet, and computers.

Furthermore, there is an unusual amount of planetary energy in air signs and planets in nakshatras ruled by Rahu. This is a very unusual time of transition. It represents severe weather (winds), problems around air travel, communications, and information beyond this world, space, time and other dimensions.  This all represents the winds of change!

Stay posted for the month of July. For the pressure is on again as Mars joins force with planets in Gemini. Expect many explosive events to come, July 4-August 18. Major events affecting the United States safety will occur. The after effects will take a toll on the United States economy.  Stay informed with future newsletters!

Astrological Predictions June 2013

As Jupiter transits into the sign Gemini, the focus is on communications, education, media, commerce and travel. This month brings peace, as all three benefics will be traveling together in Gemini. Rahu and Jupiter both cast trines so they are mutually aspecting each other. This will bring windfalls for some and breakdowns for others. Rahu and Saturn can use the benefic energy of Jupiter’s aspect. This may indicate healing and friendship from the previous harsh aspects. The air signs rule understanding and consciousness. A grand air trine is forming with Jupiter in Gemini, Rahu/Saturn in Libra, and Neptune in Aquarius.

The nakshatras that are activated during this time are ruled by Rahu, therefore empowering the sign Libra, where Rahu resides. This is a powerful time for healing through words, speech and music. There is a great opportunity to bring peace and unity to a split and polarized world.

The three benefics together form a Saraswati Yoga (goddess of learning, arts, and music) indicating developments in education towards the arts, music, dance and movies. People will merge in appreciation and understanding with a commonality of humanity. This also indicates advancement towards education and learning. Education is honored, esteemed and cherished restoring new schools of the arts. Creativity is opening the channels that cultivate free thinkers and open-minded trendsetters.

June 26-July 20: Mercury retrograde! Empowers Mercury in Gemini.
Mercury is the dispositor of all the planets while in Gemini. Improvements concerning travel will be made out of necessity. This may come as a problem that has been exposed within the travel industry. This Mercury retrograde is intense, so take caution around travel. Inventions involving travel and space bring new discoveries concerning time and space. Time travel may no longer be a mystery. This can transcend what we know scientifically. We are on the brink of new perceptions of time and reality. Quantum physics takes us beyond the 3rd and 4th dimension.

During this Mercury retrograde there will be mass communication failures, which affects all connections including cell phones, Internet, computers and the World Wide Web. This could be catastrophic.

June 7: Mars in Taurus will square Neptune, and quincunx Pluto, forming a yod with Uranus and Pluto causing problems within the banks.  Taurus rules banks and money. The processing of money and the ways it is distributed changes in many ways.

June 14: The Sun enters Gemini with Jupiter. Planets too close to the overpowering Sun are combust weakening their energy. Jupiter is squaring Uranus and opposing Pluto, forming a T-square. There are upsets and problems around travel. There is an initiation of different uses of fuel, such as electricity, wind and natural gas ruled by air signs. The oil tycoons will be arranging things in their favor, maybe better developing natural gas, since they own these companies as well.

Solar flares can cause havoc on the natural forces globally. This will cause a wave a natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, and shifts in the gravitational pull of the earth.  They also affect electrical currents and mass communications such as the Internet. 


06/03 Mercury trine Neptune, Mercury trine Saturn
             Saturn trine Neptune
06/06 Neptune stationary retrograde, 11 degrees Aquarius
06/07 Venus trine Neptune, Venus trine Saturn, Mercury opposed Pluto, Mars square Neptune
06/08 Mercury square Uranus, new Moon 23 degrees Taurus; nakshatra
06/11 Venus opposed Pluto, Saturn trine Neptune
06/12 Venus square Uranus
06/14 Sun enters Gemini
06/19 Sun conjunct Jupiter
06/20 Mercury conjunct Venus
06/22 Venus enters Cancer
06/23 Full Moon 8 degrees Sagittarius; nakshatra; Mula
06/26 Sun trine Saturn, Mercury stationary retrograde 29 degrees Gemini, Neptune trine Sun