Spiritual Insights July 2013

My lecture last month in Phoenix, Arizona was phenomenal! There are a lot of serious students of astrology there. Many thanks to Arlene and Charlotte, it was great to visit with old friends. But a special thanks goes to my dear friend Pam who opened her home and made my stay incredibly delightful and wonderful.



Spiritual Insights

Using the sidereal zodiac (used in Vedic astrology) a stellium of planets are transiting Gemini, Jupiter, Mars, Sun, and Mercury. In the Tropical zodiac these planets are in Cancer. Vedic astrology is known for its predictive value and is used by more astrologers worldwide in India and Asia. It uses the true placements of the planets in relation to the stars and constellations.

The results of these planets in Gemini will put the focus on Mercury, which is the planet of all forms of communication, travel, information, and the media. Mercury is retrograde until July 20th. Expect a break down of all issues concerning these areas of life. I am predicting major problems with travel, computer problems, electrical and Internet outages, which will cause major issues globally.

This is a very intense time globally. The Saturn Rahu conjunction is intensifying issues of social rebellion, racial issues, war, nuclear attacks, disease, assassinations and extremes in weather. The surfacing and purging of these matters will lead to global healing, peace and harmony.

Saturn and Rahu in Libra will bring balance. Libra is the sign of justice as represented in the symbol of the scales. Rahu rules the mind while Ketu rules the heart. The choice is to get out of the mind and become connected to the heart energy.

The ancient myth of Rahu and Ketu is an important analogy for this time. As all the planets lined up to drink the amrita of immortality a serpent slithered in between the Sun and Moon and drank the amrita. Once they realized the intruder was there, Lord Shiva threw a disc that sliced the creature in half. Rahu is the head of the serpent and Ketu is the tail, sometimes referred to as the dragon’s head and the dragon’s tail. This symbolizes the separation of our mind (head) from our heart (bottom half). The heart is about love and the head is about the mind that separates us from our heart.

Saturn with Rahu will bring the consequences of the extremes of the mind. Our mind consumes us with the fear of our illusionary minds. What is real and what is illusion? What is right and what is wrong, just or unjust? The answer involves our experiences in our upbringing as to our sense of justice. Our beliefs are based on what we think we deserve. When we are denied something we want we become despondent and depressed. We do many things that create a downward spiral further preventing us from attaining our goals.

The victim scenario is the natural response for many who are denied their wants. The victim phenomenon is the reason why many do not achieve their aims. All sorts of mental back ups support the victim scenario. Understand this is a mindset acquired in early childhood and is a habit that must be broken if you are to acquire what you really want in life. Life is the foundation of our spiritual journey to self discovery of who and what you really are. 

The essence of the heart energy comes when others help uplift and understand one another. But when you claim the victim you are cutting yourself off from others. You sulk, isolate and condemn yourself to a place of self-loathing. Everyone who claims the victim puts themselves in a place of continual lack and will never achieve anything in life. The victim blames everything except themselves for the problems they have. When you take responsibility for your life and take charge using your will power you will climb out of the self-created black hole and begin to achieve a life of achievement and fulfillment.

I was very ambitious at an early age and my competitive edge came out in a in a reading contest in first grade. It was a Catholic school so the prizes were usually holy cards of saints but this prize was special, a religious wooden statue of mother Mary. I remember I wanted it so very badly. My mother took me to the public library where I went on a marathon of reading every book they had available on my level. She helped me every step of the way. My sister told me to read over the limit of 100 books to make sure I would win. On the final day of the contest we all turned in our number of books we read. I was totally confident I was the winner with 110 books. But I was shocked that someone else had done the same thing and read exactly 110 books. So the teacher found another statue, but this one was not the same. It was made of cheap plastic. With the statues held behind her back she said pick a hand. I got the crummy statue, and to this day can feel the disappointment. We may not think past events like this are a big deal but it began an unconscious belief for me that no matter how hard I tried it would never be enough to get what I want. This programming stuck with me. Our patterns are instilled at an early age and stay with us throughout life.

I was supposed to be happy for the other girl who got the wooden statue, but I just wasn’t, I was disappointed and felt cheated. I was taught it was a good thing to get the lesser prize because you get more points towards getting into heaven, but a child cannot accept this way of thinking. This was the beginning of the victim scenario I still carry at times.

A prominent theme globally occurring now concerns racial issues. I find it interesting to understand what the world is projecting through the media for our understanding. The planets reveal the cyclic trends in our world as Saturn and Rahu in Libra will bring balance and fairness concerning the law. 

Issues that concern unfairness of racial issues are surfacing now. Celebrity chef Paula Deen, and the court case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman represent the face of past prejudice. Racial issues are really about injustices based on perceptions of inequality. These are ingrained at an early age.

Those who stay stuck in the past and remain feeling vindicated by race become victims and will never achieve their desires. But this separation goes beyond race because it is really about our beliefs. This includes religion and politics as well. All these issues that divide and separate people are surfacing to be healed.

When we feel accepted and understood we come from a secure place. This breeds tolerance and understanding. The world is changing and we must learn to adapt and welcome the new and different for this is what makes life interesting and fun. We are here to live life to the fullest with a sense of love and connection. It is time to get outside of your head and come from the heart. Don’t be a victim, become responsible and use your will to create the world you desire, and with hard work and diligence the laws of cause and effect (karma) will grant you your desires. Saturn is the planet that gives our just rewards.

Humanity is out of control and immersed in the extremes of the material world. The world is in a survival mode but balance to inspire the spiritual side of life will eventually emerge. A big wake up call is way over due for the world. This means there will be a humbling experience to awaken our spiritual purpose.


 Astrological Predictions


Another shift is due this month as Mars, Sun, Jupiter and Mercury converge into Gemini. The Sun is unstable during this time causing unusual heat waves and solar flares.

Mercury is retrograde until July 20th. Expect major problems in travel, electrical outages and computer systems with the Internet going down. These problems will cause mass chaos and complications worldwide. Mercury in the sign of Gemini magnifies the severity of these problems.

As Mars approaches a conjunction with Mercury tempers flare and volatility peaks globally. This will grow as the summer progresses. August 6th is a specific date to be aware. Stay posted! 

July 4: Independence Day for America is dangerous, for Mars will enter Gemini and conjunct the U.S. Mars in the natal chart. Additionally, on this day the Sun will square Uranus. There is a Mars return for the U.S. indicating a day of intense energy. This could involve terrorism with airplanes, missiles or explosives through the air.

July 7: Saturn will turn stationary direct initiating forward movement in business affairs around the world. Jupiter is trine Saturn and Neptune indicating a steady rise financially throughout the world. Business affairs will prosper. Prices of fuel and commodities rise boosting the economy. Hard work pays off for those who have been struggling.

July 8: The new Moon is at 22 degrees of Gemini and falls exactly on the natal Sun of the U.S. chart. This indicates a Solar return for the U.S. as well on this day.  This is truly symbolic of a tremendous change for the U.S. Major events will change the face of our nation forever this year. Also Saturn turns direct on this day heading towards Rahu. This indicates events will be intensifying this month. The final six months of this year will be the most volatile.

July 17-18: Uranus turns retrograde. Uranus rules the unexpected and causes many earth changes indicating earthquakes.

07/19: Rahu enters into Swati nakshatra. Swati is a nakshatra that indicates the onset of extreme weather. This hurricane season will be intense worldwide. Severe weather will set records this year.

July 22: Mars conjunct Jupiter at 15 degrees Gemini. This degree has been involved in specific events of turmoil in the U.S. This intensifies Jupiter’s energy to increase world trade. But caution must be taken when Mars and the Sun leave Gemini, as Mars will go into Cancer where it is debilitated, indicating trouble for the housing markets and real estate.

July 27-31: Mars square Uranus opposed Pluto, and the Sun is square Saturn. The weather heats up around the world, and earthquakes and volcanic eruptions begin. There will be record high temperatures globally. This will ruin crops and strain farming and food production around the world. It can indicate global famine. India is prone to heat and destruction of crops causing famine and disease. There is a break down in communications and democracy. Violence breaks out worldwide causing the threat of war. Nuclear war is possible and serious efforts must be made to avert these threats.

More sightings of ETs are prominent throughout the following months as the threat of war builds.

July 4-August 18:  Most volatile for attack around terrorism while transiting Mars is with Jupiter in Gemini transiting the U.S. 7th house where natal Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Sun reside.

Specifics concerning the Navamsha of the Transiting Planets:

July 4-9: Transiting Mars will enter Gemini (conjunct the U.S. natal Mars) transiting navamsha Mars conjunct Ketu in Libra. Very volatile for the U.S.
July 14-18: Transiting navamsha Mars conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius opposition to U.S. 7th house stellium of planets
July 17-18: Uranus turns retrograde
July 28: Transiting Mars conjunct U.S. natal Jupiter
July 29-Aug 2: Transiting navamsha Mars conjunct Rahu in Pisces (4th house of U.S.) Attacks to land or earthquakes.


07/01: Venus square Saturn, Sun opposed Pluto
07/04: Sun square Uranus, Mars enters Gemini
07/07: Venus trine Uranus, Saturn stationary retrograde 10 degrees Libra
07/08: New Moon 22 degrees Gemini; nakshatra Punarvasu
07/09: Mercury conjunct Sun
07/16: Sun enters Cancer
07/17: Venus enters Leo, Uranus stationary retrograde 18 degrees Pisces, Jupiter trine Saturn, Jupiter trine Neptune
07/19: Saturn trine Neptune, Rahu enters into Swati nakshatra
07/20: Mercury Stationary Direct 19 degrees Gemini, Mars trine Neptune, Mars trine Saturn,
07/22: Mars conjunct Jupiter, full Moon 6 degrees Capricorn; nakshatra Uttara  Ashadha
07/26: Venus opposed Neptune
07/27: Mars opposed Pluto, Sun square Saturn
07/30: Venus trine Pluto
07/31: Mars square Uranus