September overview by Joni Patry

31 Aug 2012

As we move out of summer and into the fall there is a sense of urgency in the air. The summer was intense with crazed individuals expressing their rage and violence. Violent gunmen have gone on rampages throughout recent history expressing their bottled up anger. In horror we ask why and what causes this insanity. Many blame gun control and politics, but regulations cannot contain the insane that snap and viciously lash out at the world. All negative emotions including anger are a cry for love. These acts of rage and anger surface when people feel no sense of power or freedom to control their lives. They are lashing out from a feeling of oppression rooted in family, society, and for even unalterable conditions in the world.  This is an important message I want to convey concerning the wave of events and conditions about to surge around the world economy and political elections.

When we never take the time to connect to our spirit we become consumed with mindless fears, which become all consuming. Fear is the core of all negative emotions that directs and motivates our behavior and consequently our life. We are led to believe (by no one’s fault but our own) we have no freedom and that the world is a horrible place where the government, leaders, satanic forces, or even aliens are controlling our lives. One principal gift we are given (maybe it is a curse) is our choice to choose, called free will. The biblical story of the birth of humanity, Adam and Eve, is symbolic of our free will, making choices, and the consequence of bad choices. An important message from this story is our freedom to choose. Many wars have been fought on the premise of religion but actually it is about freedom. Our spirit is dead when caged, limited or oppressed. This is what leads to unhappiness, depression and sometimes angry attacks. The sense of freedom is the most uplifting and enlightening sensation one can feel.

It is important to understand and remind ourselves that there is no outside force controlling or causing our conditions and problems. It is the result of our own actions or choices. Your reactions are the result of your emotional conditioning and you have the choice to choose a different response. If you want a different result then you must opt to change your approach and attitude. Most suffering comes from casting blame on outside conditions, becoming a victim. It doesn’t matter what the script is, the only way to free ourselves is to take responsibility and change the blaming attitude to gratitude and you will live a life that promotes love instead of fear.

The Course in Miracles states there are only two emotions, fear and love. When we come from a place of fear we must chose again to come from a place of love. Every fearful act, no matter how bad, is a cry for love.

The outside world is a reflection of our inner world and the political parties currently presenting their bids for the U.S. presidency are all about blame. Each party has its own way of demonizing the other, casting blame. But the consciousness is waking up and this is beginning to appear childish. This display of low consciousness the political race is projecting can teach us a lot about ourselves. It is time to take back our power, stop blame and find solutions to heal our lives. We cannot look to outside sources to heal or save us because we have the power and freedom to make choices on a daily bases.

There are powers that control the world economy and we cannot change the outcome but the way to work with this trend is to view everything as an opportunity, for with this attitude something good will come out of the negative. The laws of nature are always working to bring balance. Illness or symptoms are the body’s way of alerting us that something is wrong or needs to be balanced. We cannot stop the laws of nature, which is to bring balance. The world economy is completely out of balance so the natural cycle is that balance be restored. The last part of this year is all about finding balance. The impending financial downturn for the world economy does not involve you being a victim unless you chose to be a victim. Know that this is a time of opportunity for growth. Overwhelming yourself with negativity and blaming outside sources makes you a victim, which is consumed with fear, oppression, lack and suffering.

September will be turbulent leading to October, which will see another economic crash. I have studied the charts of past economic crashes and there are many reoccurring astrological indications that this will happen again this October. Not to mention all the crashes I have studied were in the month of October. So with this information, September is time to secure your assets and move your stock.

The last economic crash was October 10, 2008. It happened before the presidential elections of November 2008, which is a way to switch gears in terms of the mass consensus politically. Major manipulators in our world economy will sell massive amounts of stock and this causes a crash which gets the attention of the public. I don’t believe it has anything to do with the political candidate, but it has to do with those in power who control things for their own political agendas. So the powers that control the world economy are the game changers. No matter what we believe, there is a Divine force that will oversee all and will create the necessary balance. This force is Mother Nature. It has nothing to do with politics as you know it. Politics was created initially to balance and serve humanity. The symbol for Libra, “the peace maker,” is the scales representing balance. The hand of the Divine, which may seem harsh, functions to bring balance to humanity. There are no evil forces controlling and destroying the world. This is coming from a place of fear not love. Trust that the outcome will serve humanity and it will serve you well during this turbulent time. When you get polarized by the political candidates or a political party, realize you are setting yourself up for failure in the next economic downturn because you are buying into the fear, blame, judgment and anger. There is another balancing act due to come on election day, for Mercury will turn retrograde November 6, 2012, meaning mass confusion. The polarization created in the masses is manipulated by the media. Don’t be swayed by the mass influence by giving your power away. This comes from the illusion of righteousness and narrow beliefs that condemn others in the opposing party. There is no right or wrong, only the blame cast of righteous anger, indignation and distain for others. This traps you in fear with anger and hostility. This takes a true transformation of consciousness to choose love instead of having fear. The time is here and it is the culmination of the year of 2012, which ends in the month we have been anticipating, December 2012.

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September Predictions
Mars is in Libra with Saturn causing many transitions and changes in the world of politics. There is a need to change many outdated laws globally. The old views and regulations no longer serve the changing world. The symbol for Libra is the scales that represent balance and justice. As Saturn transits through Libra for the next two years there will be a necessary transition to bring balance to the world. This concerns the economic crises, which activates a synergy for world peace. Saturn is exalted in Libra giving it power to bring balance and peace out of economic crises.

Saturn forms a quincunx with Jupiter, causing dysfunction and failure with banks and the economy. Both Saturn and Jupiter are in signs ruled by Venus. Saturn is in Libra and Jupiter is in Taurus. As Venus transits through the signs it can determine the ups and downs in the financial markets. Venus is a focal point also because Mars and Ketu are in Venus ruled signs. Mars is in Libra and Ketu is in Taurus. While Venus transits in Cancer throughout this month it generates many fluctuations due to the Moon’s rulership of the sign Cancer. These fluctuations concern the dire economic problems in many countries. Late October, Venus will transit through its debilitation sign Virgo, which can indicate major reversals as it did in the stock market crash of 1929.

Jupiter is under the influence of Ketu until January 2013, when Rahu and Ketu change signs from Scorpio/Taurus to Libra/Aries. During this time Jupiter’s expansive effects are minimized. Jupiter’s ability to give opportunities and gains is depleted.

Mars in Libra is aspecting Taurus by its 8th full aspect casting its malefic effects on Ketu and Jupiter in Taurus. This is another reason why Jupiter is harmed and dysfunctional. September 15, (New Moon) Mars will fully aspect Jupiter. The 8th aspect does have an element of urgency. Taurus represents banks and financial markets.

Ketu is aspecting Mercury while Mercury is exalted in Virgo. Masterminds will be called upon to devise plans to remedy the ailing economy. But the resounding results seem dire and impossible.

September 28, Mars enters Scorpio where it will intensify while it approaches Rahu. This area of the zodiac is dangerous as Mars conjoins Rahu where they are in opposition to volatile fixed star Algol. Transiting Ketu will conjunct Algol in November and December. This will be a turbulent close for the year of 2012. This can indicate terrorist activity and violence worldwide.

September 29, the full Moon will conjunct Uranus as it squares Pluto indicating volatile change and disruption on a global level.

Pluto will be stationary direct while square Uranus. This indicates a powerful world shift, with earthquakes and destruction. The Sun is a trigger for the mounting events that have been building throughout the year, for it will form a square to Pluto and oppose Uranus. Politicians and leaders are ruled by the Sun representing a fall in world power. Dictators around the world are losing their control as the people take back their power.
• 09/01 Mercury oppose Neptune
• 09/03 Venus square Saturn
• 09/04 Mercury trine Pluto
• 09/07 Sun square Jupiter
• 09/08 Mercury square Jupiter
• 09/10 Mercury conjunct Sun
• 09/12 Venus trine Uranus
• 09/13 Mercury enters Virgo
• 09/15 New Moon: 29 degrees Leo, nakshatra Uttara Phalguni
• 09/16 Sun enters Virgo
• 09/17 Pluto turns Direct 12 degree Sagittarius
• *09/19 Uranus square Pluto
• 09/20 Mercury oppose Uranus, square Pluto
• 09/26 Mercury trine Jupiter
• 09/27 Venus square Mars; Venus enters Leo
• 09/28 Mars enters Scorpio
• 09/29 Full Moon: 13 degrees Pisces, nakshatra Uttara Bhadrapada  
• *09/29 Sun oppose Uranus, square Pluto
* Indicates a very significant day of hard aspects. Asterisks are shown each time Uranus is square Pluto.