Nelson Mandela

11 Dec 2013

The world has lost one of the greatest men of our time. His work should be an inspiration for all of us especially during such a transformational time in history.

Nelson Mandela died December 5, 2013 at the age of 95. His life was the incredible story of a true humanitarian who gave his life for the greater cause of mankind. After spending 27 years in prison for his anti-Apartheid stance, he became South Africa’s first black president. He walked his talk and has had such a powerful impact that he has changed the world.

Here are some quotes taken from Forbe’s Magazine to display his profound nature and words of wisdom.

Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.

I am fundamentally an optimist. Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say. Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward. There were many dark moments when my faith in humanity was sorely tested, but I would not and could not give myself up to despair. That way lays defeat and death.


I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.


It always seems impossible until it’s done.

When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people and his country, he can rest in peace.

Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people.

Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.


Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished


Nelson Mandela lived up to all of his poignant quotes.

In recognition of this great man’s achievements, all the living Presidents of the United States of America are flying over to attend his funeral in South Africa.

Here is Nelson Mandela’s natal Birth Chart:

Sagittarius is his Ascendant making Jupiter the ruler of his chart. Jupiter is in his 7th house aspecting the ascendant (first house). When a planet aspects a house and it rules that house it empowers that house. The 1st house represents the individual and their personality. This explains why he had such an optimistic attitude. Jupiter is the planet that gives optimism and opportunities. Additionally Jupiter is conjunct Pluto indicating power. Jupiter and Pluto conjunctions are known to make for the extremes of power in this world.

Additionally, the nakshatra’s the planets are in give a deeper level of understanding, or layer, in the analysis of a person’s life. His Jupiter and Pluto reside in the nakshatra Ardra indicating a deep sense of loss and tragedy, as he sacrificed so much of his life for his mission. Ardra’s symbol is a tear drop representing the many tears and sadness he experienced. Another nakshatra that can represent the dark night of the soul is Mula. His ascendant in Mula indicates suffering and as he almost gave up, but his amazingly strong Jupiter led him to victory.

Mandela’s Moon is in Libra in the 11th house. Jupiter is casting a trine to his Moon also indicating his positive outlook in life. But the Moon in Libra gives the quest to find peace and balance in the world, additionally the 11th house and Libra can indicate politics. He was a huge political leader that brought peace to the world.

Mars in the 10th house gave him the courage and power to lead. His Mars rules the 5th house, which represents his leadership and intelligence.

But the hardest part of his chart is seen in the planets placed in the Dhustana houses 6, 8 and 12. His Venus and Ketu in the 6th house of struggles and enemies, and Rahu in the 12th represents his imprisonment.

The hardest but most powerful area of his chart is the Sun, Neptune, Saturn and Mercury all in his 8th house. The 8th house is the house of power, humiliation and disgrace but when one surrenders and transforms his life this is where the true power emerges. And it takes a great person to surrender. This is what Nelson Mandela did through his selfless acts and forgiveness. This is the power of the 8th house. It takes a death of the ego to transform your life and to give yourself to empowering others and the world. Neptune and Saturn together represent uncovering the illusion, which was exactly what he did.

Saturn in the 8th house of longevity gives a long life particularly since it also rules the 3rd house, the other house of longevity.

The planets in the 8th house are in Cancer ruled by the Moon. The Moon is the dispositor of these 8th house planets giving the Moon the ultimate power as to the results of these planets. The Moon’s placement in the 11th house in Libra means his desire was to bring change and peace to humanity for the 11th house represents humanity as it relates to the 11th sign Aquarius.

In his Navamsha chart Jupiter is in Sagittarius in the 9th house indicating his ultimate goal was to change the laws in his country and while he was in prison he attained a law degree enabling him to understand the laws and to ultimately run for President. His Saturn is in Capricorn in the 10th house giving him the power for leadership and the opportunity rule his country. But it is the Mars/Moon in his 3rd house that gave him the drive and ambition to achieve his success.

Dashas (Planetary Cycles)

From the dashas you are able to see the unfolding of a person’s life as the planetary combinations play out over a lifetime. The results of each dasha are determined by the placement of the natal planets. The planets according to their sign, house and rulership are brought to fruition during the times of their dashas. The analysis of his natal chart is activated in the timing of his life through each dasha.

Nelson Mandela’s dashas illustrate the timing of events in his life. As he enters into new dashas his life changes and takes a new direction. This is an amazing testimonial of the power these cycles (dashas) have over our lives.


 For 20 years, Mandela directed peaceful, nonviolent acts of defiance against the South African government and its racist policies. In 1961, Mandela orchestrated a three-day national workers' strike. He was arrested for leading the strike the following year, and was sentenced to five years in prison. Mandela was brought to trial again. This time, he and 10 other ANC leaders were sentenced to life imprisonment for political offenses, including sabotage. He was incarcerated on Robben Island for 18 of his 27 years in prison. Mandela was able to earn a Bachelor of Law degree through a University of London correspondence program.

Looking at the dashas of his life, amazingly Mandela entered into Ketu’s dasha in 1961. The Ketu cycle is usually a very difficult cycle for Ketu is the indicator for loss. The 6th house indicates struggles and enemies or law suits. Immediately following the 7-year Ketu cycle follows the 20-year Venus cycle. In which Venus and Ketu are exactly conjoined at 29 degrees in the 6th house (struggles, enemies), and aspect by opposition the 12th house of imprisonment. Together, these two cycles back-to-back cover 27 years, which was exactly the time he spent in prison - 27 years! But the 6th house has a redeeming quality for it is the house of improvement. Therefore while he was in prison he was able to obtain a degree in law.

On April 27, 1994, South Africa held its first democratic elections. Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as the country's first black president on May 10, 1994, at the age of 77.
At age 77, he entered his Moon dasha in 1994 a 10-year cycle, which was one of his very best cycles. From 1994 until June 1999, Mandela worked to bring about the transition from minority rule and apartheid to black majority rule. The Moon in Libra (peace) is in the 11th house of politics.
In June 2004, at the age of 85, he announced his formal retirement from public life and returned to his native village of Qunu. He changed dashas this year shifting his life in another direction. He entered the Mars dasha in 2004. While his Mars is in the 10th house of career, the retirement doesn’t appear appropriate, but in actuality his work was not complete and even though he left politics (Moon in Libra) he began another legacy.
On July 18, 2007, Mandela convened a group of world leaders, including Graca Machel (whom Mandela would wed in 1998), Desmond Tutu, Kofi Annan, Ela Bhatt, Gro Harlem Brundtland, Jimmy Carter, Li Zhaoxing, Mary Robinson and Muhammad Yunus, to address some of the world's toughest issues. Aiming to work both publicly and privately to find solutions to problems around the globe, the group was aptly named "The Elders." The Elders' impact has spanned Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and their actions have included promoting peace and women's equality, demanding an end to atrocities, and supporting initiatives to address humanitarian crises and promote democracy.
Mandela began his Rahu dasha in 2011 around the age of 93. Rahu is placed in the 12th house of endings. This is the time for him to return to his eternal home for his life is coming to an end and his work is complete. What an amazing life and transformative story. He will always be remembered for his selfless work because he changed and transformed the world.
At the time of his death transiting Saturn was approaching his natal Moon (Sadi Sati) ruler of the 8th house of death and aspecting his natal Saturn and Mercury in the 8th house. Both Saturn and Mercury are maraka planets (killer) by rulership of the 2nd and 7th houses.
“On December 5, 2013, at the age of 95, Nelson Mandela died at his home in Johannesburg, South Africa. Zuma released a statement later that day, in which he spoke to Mandela's legacy: "Wherever we are in the country, wherever we are in the world, let us reaffirm his vision of a society ... in which none is exploited, oppressed or dispossessed by another," he said. For decades to come, Nelson Mandela will continue to be a source of inspiration for civil rights activists worldwide.”
All biographical information is from Bio. True Story