Mars Saturn Conjunction August 15 by Joni Patry

4 Aug 2012

Mars/Saturn Conjunction

Mars is the planet of fast direct, forceful energy and Saturn is the
opposite ruling slow diligent energy or a stoppage. When you combine the two
planets in conjunction they have been said to be like a foot on the brake
and the accelerator at the same time. Being two opposing forces coming
together they can cause much frustration till the energy is understood or
balanced. Balancing these forces requires compromise. The forceful impatient
energy of Mars must become disciplined and controlled energy through Saturn.
Mars energy is head strong impulsive and brash and when combined with Saturn
causes a sudden event that causes an abrupt stop, but once there is a
realization that with the good qualities of Saturn, diligence, discipline,
and organization a revelation or breakthrough will come but only after a
breakdown of events.
As these two planets conjunct August 15th there will be a halt in the world
issues spiraling out of control. This may seem like a break in the system
but in reality is a breakthrough, for the action of discipline can produce a
productive direction.
The sign that this conjunction occurs will determine the area of world
events that this concerns. At this time August 2012, Mars and Saturn conjoin
(Vedic astrology) in Libra. Vedic astrology gives power or weakness to the
planets by sign for prediction. Saturn is at its highest degree of power in
the sign Libra, empowering the good qualities of Saturn. Mars is weak in the
sign of Libra, so loses its power to Saturn. The results will produce
patience and disciplined preparation to ensure a solid resolution to current
problems. The quick fix attempts of Mars don¹t last but the power and wisdom
of Saturn gives lasting effects. Libra is the sign of balance, justice and
peace. The problems are not isolated to one country therefore require all
counties on planet earth to come together to heal. The global leaders will
begin a plan to remedy the world problems that have contributed to the
economic breakdown. This will require a united global effort to bring peace
to our ailing planet.