March 2014 Logic: The Power of One

1 Mar. 2014

When the world is in chaos with everything seeming to spin out of control around you, the actions of one average person would appear to be laughably futile. Especially if the action chosen is to go within yourself to create worldwide change. To most inhabitants of the 21st century, the logic of the situation would shout for bigger weapons and more soldiers rather than preceived retreat. Yet I am here to gently remind you what the ancient Greek philosopher mathematician, Pythagoras, discovered more than a thousand years ago. It is a realization so simple and elegant that it truly shows a divine hand in the planning.

As above, so below.

As within, so without is also inherent. Pythagoras understood that everything in our universe, from the DNA in our bodies (even though he didn’t realize such existed but would have definitely included) to the giant planets traveling constantly in the sky were conceived and operated by the same logical repeating system. Everything is related to everything else. There are no exceptions. Everything is made of the same identical star stuff. We are the stars and the stars are us.

Energy, some call it chi or qi, flows constantly throughout the universe. From the cellular level within us to the event horizons of black holes, the energy is the same. It all depends on how you use it as to whether or not it is allowed to reach its highest potential. Black holes, quasars, volcanoes and such don’t limit or try to suppress the energy. They have no concept of how to do this. They live at their fullest potential at every moment. We humans with our highly evolved intelligence, however, do suppress this divine spark. The reasons why are complicated and will be discussed in the future. For our specific purpose this month, it is essential to understand that we do limit this power to create.

By accepting the truth that we are just as powerful as the mightiest hurricane here on Earth, we unlock our personal ability to make the same kind of changes. Rather than destruction though, we can create construction. Our indomitable energy – life force – can cause the evolution of ourselves and our planet to a higher level of consciousness. As we go through this month and observe the energy of destruction in action, we can swing the momentum toward healthy growth of love and peace. Your capabilities are beyond measure. Unfortunately most of us have been told, and we accept, the proclamation that one person alone cannot create global change. What a horrendous lie we have been told for countless generations. Thankfully, there are those humans – Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. come to mind immediately – who ignored that foul lie and knew they held the same power as the oceans and the stars. They indeed changed the planet and everyone living on it. And they did it peacefully.

The energy of destruction gets our attention because it is big and noisy, bloody and painful. Most of human-kind has believed this to be the way to create change with force and conflict. The energy of construction is just as effective. The vibration of this energy frequency resonates within us without pain and noise and therefore does not call attention to itself in the same manner as its counterpart. Make no mistake here though, the strength and impact is identical. It has to be according to the laws of the divine plan.

Therefore, when you feel helpless watching cataclysmic events unfold this month, find the center of your being where the entire universe resides within you. From that point feel your power and consciously manifest your thoughts toward how you want to feel and how you want your world to be. It will be felt globally, I guarantee. By the laws of physics, it has to be. If you maintain your thoughts consistently, the vibration becomes even stronger because, like the volcano, the energy has no other direction than to push forward with unfathomable power.

This is how you not only survive what is to come but be the source of constructing healthy growth for everything above and below.