March 2014 Spiritual Insights

1 Mar. 2014


The next few months are going to be a vey bumpy ride. The planetary aspects are very extreme.  Anger and radical behavior is surfacing around the world. As Mars retrogrades it will surface issues of anger that have not been addressed in the past. This will have an effect on the world globally and in our lives personally. There are many more explosive events yet to come. The focus will surround issues of social uprisings and war.

Mars as the planet of violence, fire and war is stationing and will go retrograde March 1st at 3 degrees of Libra within 2 degrees of Rahu. Rahu always magnifies the energy of planets it is conjunct.

All around the world there are major social uprisings and this involves issues of corruption and power. The people have the courage to fight against what they believe is wrong and are taking their power back. Mars rules anger, violence and war, but most importantly it is the planet of courage. Bullies, dictators, and corrupt politicians are fueled by the power of Mars, but when the people become outraged and have had enough the fight back becomes a riot surmounting into war. This is occurring in Ukraine, Venezuela, Turkey, Libya, Syria, Malaysia and even in the state of Arizona. But now the concerns and stakes are getting bigger as Russia is becoming involved in the Ukraine’s riots. This could lead to a world war, which the Mars, Rahu conjunction suggests.

Mars is a very important planet and is imperative for success. It is necessary to have a strong and powerful Mars in a birth chart to acquire worldly success. Mars rules ambition, competitive drive and most of all will power. No one can accomplish their goals without the force of Mars. All business tycoons have a powerful Mars.

More importantly, will power is how we can overcome negative influences in our life. It takes sheer will power and determination to stay on a diet or exercise regime. And at times it is the will to live that keeps people alive. So Mars plays a really important part of our lives.

The anger response is the surge of energy that motivates us to get things done. When we get angry enough this is when we move into action. The source that moves us is generally the sense of injustice. And when someone feels they do not get the justice they seek then situations build into bigger and more explosive events until the justice is attained.

Many corrupt leaders like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Sadam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden had a rise to power but were brought to justice. Most stories and movies involve the forces of good and evil. Humans have the need to know good will prevail. But sometimes there are great injustices in this world, yet it is the law of nature that balance will be restored. Sometimes in nature destruction is the means to achieve balance. Storms and fires are a means to cleanse the earth. And in Indian mythology dancing Shiva destroys the maya (illusion). This is a time of destruction for the balance must be restored.

During this turbulence in the world it is time that the oppressed people have the courage to risk everything to find justice and freedom. This is the power of this Mars and Rahu conjunction.

Transiting Saturn is slowing down to turn retrograde March 2nd at 29 degrees Libra. Saturn is in its sign of exaltation and it is believed that when it is retrograde and exalted it becomes like a debilitated planet. This can cause great difficulties in all areas of life. Saturn retrograde has a adverse effect on business and the economy. Saturn is at the last and final degree of Libra indicating a very important matter is to come to an end.  The last and final degrees of a sign are very fateful. The fact that both Mars and Saturn turn retrograde a day apart indicates a very grave time for the world. This can indicate problems concerning health. As Mars retrogrades back into Virgo it will bring loss of human life due to disease or chemical warfare. Be wary of new illnesses or infections that can take the world by surprise. Mars will be in Virgo March 24-July 13. There is a strong chance of a major earthquake in the U.S. during this time.

The grand Cross will be exact on April 22 where Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter will all be 19 degrees of the mutable signs (Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini). This will bring the events to a head. And as Mars stations at 14 degrees Virgo May 19th there will be violent social uprisings. The social unrest is going to cause great loss to the world. There are many countries that have 14 degrees of Virgo as a sensitive point, Turkey, Russia, China, Germany, Greece, North Korea, Ukraine and Libya.

Additionally, the Solar Eclipse that occurs April 29th will occur at 14 degrees of Aries, where Mars will station at 14 degrees of Virgo in May which is the full 8th aspect of Mars. Looking at all these heavy indications there may be a world war.

For the charts of countries:

Jupiter will turn direct this month also indicting forward movement in many repressed and stagnant affairs. Many have expressed a feeling of stagnation or feeling in limbo. The fact that Mercury just went direct February 28 and Jupiter will turn direct March 6th at 16 degrees Gemini will shift directions of stagnant affairs.   Jupiter is still in the nakshatra Ardra, which has given rise to the violent events and severe cold weather in the U.S. Ardra is a very dangerous nakshatra and indicates tragedy. Jupiter remains in Ardra until April 24.

Venus is vitally important while Mars, Rahu and Saturn are in Libra, the sign ruled by Venus. As Venus transits through Capricorn it is in Parivartana (mutual reception) with Saturn. Additionally Mars is aspecting Venus March 2nd. This can cause intense fighting, particularly within government affairs and politics.

There is a second New Moon that occurs on March 30th close to explosive unpredictable Uranus.

While Mars is stationing in Libra it is time to find balance through addressing the issues that surface through our anger. Anger is our gift to understand what is wrong in our lives. This means it is time to be truthful and responsible for our own actions.  And it takes the courage and will power of Mars to overcome the obstacles that are presented at this time. The rewards are your success and achievement of your goals.

March 01: Mars Retrograde: 03 degrees Libra
March 01: New Moon: 16 degrees Aquarius, nakshatra: Shatabishik
Jupiter trine New Moon: 16 degrees Gemini/Aquarius
March 01-14: Mars and Rahu 2 degrees apart in nakshatra: Chitra ruled by Mars
Mars 3 degrees Libra and Rahu 5-4 degrees Libra
March 02: Mars square Venus: 03 degrees Libra/ Capricorn
March 11: Mercury square Saturn: 29 degrees Capricorn/Libra
March 16: Full Moon: 01 degree Virgo/Pisces, nakshatra: Uttarah Phaluguni
March 22: Mercury conjunct Neptune: 11 degrees Aquarius
March 29: Venus square Saturn: 28 degrees Capricorn/Libra
March 30: New Moon: 15 degrees Pisces, nakshatra: Uttarah Badrapada
Sun and Moon conjunct Uranus