Logic for August: Breakthrough
by Victoria Belue-Schaefer

Joni Patry predicts that August will initiate “a revolution in energy with massive change. The focus is the economy.” It sounds like scary stuff is headed our way. The economy has gone through many fitful starts and stops since the great slide in late 2008, do we really have to deal with more massive change? It looks like we do.

Aside from hiding under our beds or moving to a deserted island, how do we deal with a prediction such as this? Head on, is my suggestion. And here’s how.

Take a look at your financial situation. I am not a financial adviser, but if you have a one, it’s a great time to talk to them. Do you have money in the stock market? If so, can your stocks weather a category five storm? Think about what kinds of companies survive, and even thrive, during deplorable economic times. Fast food restaurants tend to do well. If you own stock in one or some of those, you might consider holding onto them. This is where a financial adviser that you trust can be a huge help. Some stocks have run up as much as they can for now and may be just parked. However, if they pay a dividend you can still buy or hold onto the steady ones and earn money while you sleep. Large-cap companies that handle basic consumer products – toothpaste, bathroom tissue, shampoo – things that we use even during an economic downturn are usually stable stocks too. My bet is also on the car parts retailers too. People tend to hold onto their cars longer during a recession and repair rather than replace. The bond market isn’t fairing so well these days and unless you have a savvy adviser who can carefully choose bonds for you, be careful. The same goes for exchange trade funds (ETF’s). There is a dizzying number of ETF’s available in today’s market. It’s easy to get lost in the financial fray. Remember that cash is still king. Especially the dollar right now. I also believe gold is a safe place to stash cash safely. If you haven’t bought a house, now is a great time to do it. With historically low interest rates and the housing market still in recovery mode, you can get a lot of bang for your buck. It is undoubtedly one of the best investments you can make during these times.

As Joni Patry says in her predictions for August 2012, “Look forward to the new developments that come out of the immense shifts in energy. This transformation is inevitable and needed. This is not a breakdown, but a breakthrough.” If you can regard all the radical shifting this month in terms of opportunities being presented to you, then you will not only survive but thrive.

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