Justice: War and Peace for the World Saturn, Rahu and Venus Conjunction

29 August 2013

Plus, How Saturn, Rahu and Venus Will Affect Your Personal Sign

The world is in chaos and the surmounting theme is justice. On all levels and in all areas, justice is the core essence of what is occurring now. Opposing sides everywhere are striking out to get what they believe is right. This is the meaning of Saturn and Rahu transiting in Libra. Libra is the sign of balance through justice and the legal system as well as in nature.

The opposition of Libra is Aries, which can indicate war. The opposing sign to any aspect is a part of the reactions for our world is built on this duality. And the fact that Rahu and Ketu oppose causing eclipses to occur in opposing signs within the year exemplify this truth.

The extremes of both sides will fight for freedom and justice as is seen occurring all over the world. Saturn exalted in Libra magnifies the power of Saturn, and Rahu conjunct Saturn magnifies this energy all the more. In essence peace will prevail but the road to get there is drastic. The repercussions about to take place are explosive.

September is the month major world events will occur. During this heated time Saturn and Rahu will come to an exact conjunction September 18, but right before, Mars will square this conjunction on September 9-11. Could there be another terrorist plan for this fated day September 11? At this time Saturn is conjunct Rahu and debilitated Mars squares both Saturn and Rahu placing Mars right at the midpoint of the axis of Rahu and Ketu. This is really intense. And looking at the charts of the countries with planets in this sector of their chart is what truly defines the events that are about to occur. Between now and November the world will change dramatically.

Currently all the five planets visible to the naked eye, plus the Sun and Moon, are gathered on one side of the lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu. When the Moon is on the same side as all the other planets it creates a Kala Sarpa yoga. But every two weeks as the Moon transits outside the axis of Rahu and Ketu on the opposite side from where the planets are gathered on one side, it breaks the Kala Sarpa yoga. This means things become very unstable when the Moon is with the planets creating Kala Sarpa yoga. This yoga can deal with intense and unstable events occurring globally. It means the planets are contained within the serpent’s grasp creating events of a karmic destiny. Kala Sarpa yoga occurs August 26-September 11 and again September 22-October 9.


U.S. Chart

The U.S. chart is involved in this crisis for transiting Mars will be conjunct Rahu in the 8th house. This indicates a massive change and involves the U.S. in war and this is the reason why the stock market and financial markets fail due to fear.






Syria and President Obama and Turkey

Syria’s chart is really disturbing as it connects to the U.S. chart and President Obama. The problems in Syria are about to really intensify as I write this article in August, for Mars is about to square natal Venus, and transiting Jupiter will soon conjunct natal Moon which is tied to the U.S. chart with natal Sun at 22 Gemini and their natal Moon at 23 Gemini. Jupiter has been known to make events blow up, remember it was 17 degrees of Gemini on September 11, 2001.

But what is really alarming is the fact that Syria’s Sun and Rahu are both 29 degrees Leo in the 3rd house of war and President Obama’s Mars is 29 degrees Leo in his 8th house. This indicates the direct involvement of Obama in the Syrian war. But this war is only a part of the mass involvement of the entire Middle East. Even Turkey bordering Syria, has concerns for the natal Sun is close to the exact degree of the Saturn and Rahu conjunction.



All the countries in the Middle East are involved. Egypt’s Ketu is 10 degrees Cancer in the 6th house of enemies. The U.S. and Egypt both have Pluto conjunct Ketu but in opposing signs and are being aspected by transiting Mars. This concerns the social uprising in Egypt, which actually initiated this sequence of events.



Israel’s chart is tied into these aspects intensely as Mars will conjunct their natal Moon, Pluto and Saturn in Cancer in the 10th house and will square their natal Ketu in the 1st house. Attacks on their government and people are due to appear.

War is breaking out in the Middle East and the U.S. will be involved. This area of the world looks so intense I believe that there can be nuclear war involved, for it is hot spot for violence.

*But the great hope that can come out of all this is an era of peace, for justice will prevail.

Amidst all the intensity of world events occurring globally there is a ray of great hope that will transpire for many.

Venus transits Libra once every year. This is a powerful sign for Venus as it rules Libra. Many believe the sign of exaltation is more powerful but when a planet is in its own sign called swashetra or swa rashi.

This focalizes the energy to the house it is transiting, empowering that sign and house exclusively. In this combination we have both Venus and Saturn in powerful standing, for Saturn in Libra is exalted. Rahu magnifies any planets it is in conjunction. Rahu will be exactly conjunct Saturn during this month.

Furthermore, Jupiter is casting a trine to this combination enlarging and expanding the power of this major conjunction of Saturn, Rahu and Venus. This is truly a remarkable and rare combination. On September 18, 2013 the conjunction of Saturn, Venus and Rahu are exact at 14 degrees of Libra. September 27 Jupiter will exactly trine Venus at 23 degrees Gemini and Libra.

To add even more energy to this combination, we also have Mars aspecting by its 4th square aspect. In essence you could see Venus as being aspected by three malefics with Saturn, Rahu and Mars aspect but the sign Libra transmutes this combination by the power of Venus rulership and Saturn’s exaltation. The last time this aspect occurred was the year of 1808 between September 28 and October 16. But as Mars is debilitated, Venus is exalted therefore the end result is that Venus will win out and give peace.

Venus is an evening star and is 43 degrees from the Sun. The maximum distance Venus can be from the Sun is almost 48 degrees. All areas that Venus rules will stand out. Venus rules relationships, beauty, luxuries, wealth and money. As an evening star it is more reserved, practical, deliberate and controlling. But in ancient Mayan astrology Venus was of major importance and was the war god.

Venus and Saturn are friends and work harmoniously together. I believe that this combination will produce a person’s just rewards. Since Saturn is the karaka for karma. They are in the nakshatra Swati, which indicates sweeping changes due to its symbol as the wind blowing a blade of grass. Swati is ruled by Rahu, which adds more force and power to Rahu.

What transpires will activate phenomenal changes for the future affecting the financial markets. This may not be obvious this month but it will transcend over time a powerful change that makes a huge difference in the world’s banking and economy. Politically things are shifting by leaps and bounds with this combination. Libra rules politics and justice for the political scheme of things is changing from the core of the matter. The aspect of Venus entrenched in the middle will turn war into peace; the long-term effects will be tremendous. There will be a healing ending the enduring violence for some time to come.

Simultaneously, this is an exciting time for wonderful things to come. There is a brief window for an exceptional time to begin new projects or pursue your goals. The three luckiest signs are the air signs of the zodiac. Libra ascendant will have a lucky break. Gemini ascendant will find joy in an opportunity. Aquarius ascendant will be traveling and find a deep spiritual connection.

Look to how this once in a lifetime powerful energy will affect your life. As Venus conjoins the Saturn and Rahu conjunction on September 18, 2013 you will see the initiation of powerful and good things to come based on where it occurs in your chart. If you know your ascendant, it is best to read from your ascendant sign which gives a complete view of where you will be affected most., but reading from the Moon sign gives a sense of how you will feel and the Sun sign is how it will affect your worldly success.

Your relationships come to light. You are more understanding of your partner and the power and integrity they posses. You will come to terms and find peace in your relationship and you realize your truth. This is the beginning of a solution within your financial situation through the workings of a meaningful and beneficial partnership. Family problems will be healed and released as you realize the importance of standing up for your partner. The support you feel will see you through to a happy and healthy home life.

Struggles to keep afloat during past stressful times seem to come to a end. You can now see a clearing in the fog. You are beginning to feel better physically and beginning to enjoy your work again. You don’t feel the need to fight anymore and the new sense of peace gives a healthy glow. You are creating new healing habits that will extend your life. Letting go of issues that consumed you about family, particularly siblings, give you great peace and changes your outlook on life.

You are coming out of your shell and will soon be recognized by the world for your past efforts. All the past work you have been doing will give you accolades and success. You are due for your just rewards and your patience and diligence is about to open new doors to future success. Your family, and particularly your children, will be very proud of your success. You will also have rewards through the accomplishments of your children for they are on a lucky streak as well. Large sums of money have been spent recently to make YOUR PERSONAL SUCCESS AND YOUR CHILDREN’S SUCCESS COME FORTH NOW. MORE PAYOUTS ARE DUE IN THE COMING YEAR.

Recent efforts to change your home and real estate will finally come to completion. Your search for security and a peaceful home environment finally brings peace. You have come to a place of peace where you feel secure and happy in your heart. Great effort and energy has been expended leaving you exhausted from recent events. But it will pay off as you will experience the success you are seeking. You have great expectations for your future, which will be delivered over the course of the following year.

Learning and education are the focus of your world whether you are the teacher or the student. You are about to settle into a great mode of learning and the past struggles with school or learning will be completed. Look forward to the new travels that will bring you the opportunities you need to find your way into a new life. The world looks different as you are learning a new way of life. A healing connection comes through understanding your past and brings you closer to your siblings.

The many past concerns with money and finances in your life come to an end as you finally see the light and find a solution to your impending financial loss. You will find new ways to heal your financial problems giving you a new lease on life. You are on a lucky streak and with your new founded confidence and you are able to handle situations you never dreamed possible before. Friends you had before who drained you emotionally will finally dissolve opening the door to new and enduring friendships.

This is an incredible time of release that comes with a new level of peace. Heavy responsibilities are lifted and you finally see the hope you have been dreaming of. This has been a very stressful year but the pressure is finally resolved and you are able to live the life you had planned. Your work will give you purpose and meaning in your life as soon as you let go of the blame you have been holding onto. You will come to realize your world is in your control and your future success is in your hands. Your freedom comes from the release of past resentments.

Peace and healing come in powerful waves as you come to realize the purpose of your life. Past experiences open your mind to a new understanding and compassion. Your family will come together in love and appreciation for each other. Travels to foreign places will open your spiritual heart affecting how you view the world. You will have flashes of psychic and mystical experiences that cannot be denied and will change your life. Relax and don’t push things for they will develop the way they should. It is a great time to take a vacation.

You are at a position where you will be awarded for your great efforts. For many years your prayers seemed unanswered but now the time has come for your great success. The support you have been counting on will finally come through. You are backed by the many whom you felt have let you down in the recent past. Financially you have struggled and the things and people you counted failed you, but the future is the opposite. New friends will lift you to a place of success with many new opportunities on the horizon. The past is over now. Don’t look back.

Your career has taken you down the path of many difficulties but great lessons have been gleaned from the hardship. Be open to the path destiny has in store for you for it is an amazing adventure you will appreciate. You will find the perfect career path that will give you the recognition you deserve and need to bring your fulfillment in life. Your home and family may be a little hard on you as you search for your life’s purpose, just remember you will achieve what you desire healing these past issues.

Many past hardships will soon dissolve as you come to a new awakening of your spiritual purpose. You are feeling a sense of completion as you bring many difficult projects to a close. Your search for the truth blesses your life with luck and fortune. The world looks more colorful with beauty and peace. You will be inspired to learn more on the things you have a passion and love for. You are about to embark on new travels that open your mind to a new world exploring places you have never been. It is time to explore a new kind of physical healing. Take charge and change your past bad habits that have depleted your energy. You see justice and pace in your life and in the world.

Where you have had harsh judgments or unwavering opinions you will finally find a break in your dominant and harsh decisions. This will bring a breakthrough in healing your life. New ways of thinking and resolving past issues begin to surface shedding light on your world. It is time to surrender the need to control things. As you surrender the world opens beautiful opportunities. Children have been a concern lately but you must realize that they will develop masterfully on their own the more you relinquish your need to control their lives. You must realize your life is changing remarkably in so many ways and you must simply allow it for these changes are for your highest good and will bring happiness.

09/01: Sun trine Pluto
09/05: Venus enters Libra, Mercury enters Virgo, new Moon 19 degrees Leo; nakshatra Purva Phalguni
09/09: Mars square Saturn and Rahu
09/14: Venus trine Neptune, Mercury square Pluto, Mars trine Uranus
09/16: Mercury opposed Uranus, Sun enters Virgo
09/17: Saturn conjunct Rahu, 14 degrees Libra
09/18: Venus conjunct Saturn and Rahu
09/19: Mercury square Jupiter, full Moon 2 degrees Pisces; nakshatra Purva Bhadrapada
09/20: Pluto stationary direct 14 degrees Sagittarius, Saturn aspect Pluto (3rd full aspect)
09/24: Mercury enters Libra
09/26: Jupiter trines Venus
09/28: Venus square Mars

September 9: Mars square Saturn causes economic problems to dominate with fear in the financial markets causing an economic crisis. Many are clinging to their savings. There will be a temporary decline in the housing markets with Mars debilitated for it rules real estate and Saturn rules land. There is a block or delay within land exploration and drilling and the ability to receive oil and fuel. This is probably due to problems with the Middle East and financial stalemates.

September 17: Saturn and Rahu are exactly conjunct. This flavors the entire year with intensity around world strife in the economy, war and severe weather to bring balance for future progress.

September 20: Pluto turns direct, affects the mass emotional level of the people. The war moguls of the world begin to release power and surrender. A critical and difficult matter concerns beliefs and religions with the opposition of Jupiter and Pluto. Wars are still being fought on the issues of religion. Religious fundamentalism dominates the world as these planets oppose at the mid-point of signs Sagittarius and Gemini. But the fundamental roots of religious matters are rooted in greed and materialism.


Follow up:
My prediction in my article, A World in Crisis; Egypt, Turkey and U.S.,
nailed the day of the mass murder in Egypt. “As transiting Mars crosses over Mercury at 27 degrees of Virgo August 14th it will also square natal Saturn and Neptune in the 8th house causing all hell to break out.”
This was the ‘worst attack on civilians’ in the history of the country.

There is much more to come for this is a volatile time in our world and the month of September is critical.

The NCGR conference was fun and enlightening in Philadelphia. I saw many old friends. My only complaint was it seemed too short.

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