June 2013 Turkey Predictions

As we move into the summer expect the world to get more intense with social revolutions and uprisings.
The world is not at peace and many new concerns will plague the world.

This is called the ‘year of the comets”, for there are many comets that will infiltrate our atmosphere this year. Comets are called the harbingers of fate and destiny and in ancient times were believed to bring death and destruction to the world. Historically they did bring an alarming amount of pestilence. I believe they are omens for drastic changes to come globally. This will be a year of pivotal change and transition. According to scientist comets do bring foreign partials into our atmosphere explaining why there is the onset of disease around the time comets enter our atmosphere.  I predict there will be a world pandemic that will take the lives of many throughout the world.

Saturn conjunct Rahu is another astrological occurrence that indicates major change and global shifts. This aspect is predominating in Turkey. This will affect the Turkish in a profound way. The Turkish people are refusing to conform to the government’s demands to limit the society to old ways. The people want more freedom. This is a time of many breakthroughs for freedom. Unfortunately freedom does come at a cost and will involve social uprisings to fight against the political powers that rule.

The world is going through growing pains and Turkey is on the forefront of social transformation. Turkey is a democratic nation on the brink of major financial success. The government is breeding this financial success with progressive growth but is still bending towards the many conservative ways that dominate this culture. The blend of the two very different ways is beginning to clash.

The recent uprising in Turkey is only the beginning of a fight for freedom and a struggle to keep the economic growth on the rise. But with intense turbulence around the world and very close to Turkey the fear will escalate and change Turkey forever. I predict the breakdown of many government inquisitions will fail due to the societies push for certain freedoms and Turkey will experience a rebirth. But this new transformation will come through many social demonstrations and riots. 

Here is the lowdown of events yet to come for the rest of this turbulent year 2013.

The month of June surfaces many hidden agendas lurking behind the scenes in governmental affairs. Things are brewing and heating up for some explosive events this summer and fall. The tourist industry is in full swing for the summer months and the Turkish government wants to keep things at a peaceful place to ensure financial profits from their most profitable industry, travel and tourism.  The month of June calms things down a bit around June 7th. Financial gains are at a high with the tourist industry, and the Turkish government knows it must make amends to keep this on the rise.

June 29-30 the peace can no longer be contained and war and anger break out causing a social uprising and a break down on the borders with war breaking out in the Middle East and Syria. All eyes must be kept at the borders to ensure protection from violent neighbors.

July 4-5th is a very turbulent time globally as transiting Mars enters Gemini and begins to cause major problems concerning war around the world.

Mercury is retrograde in Gemini June 27-July 21. This causes confusion around communication and travel. Solar flares are more intense as well indicating the possibility of outages in computers, electricity and the Internet. This will cause mass confusion and calamity around the world.

July 16th Mars will conjoin natal Moon indicating severe protests and a social uprising involving the rights of woman.

July 26-28 the violence will be take to a new level as Mars conjuncts the ascendant of the chart for Turkey. Turkey is in danger from attack from enemies. Much danger and terror surrounds this peace loving country. Turkey will appear as a war zone.

With so many planets now in air signs there are also many threats of violent weather and storms, indicating more hurricanes and tornadoes around the world. This year will go down in history for the most extreme weather.

Late August Turkey will experience a major shift in their leadership and government. Between August and December there will be a major shift in political rule.  By December 18th there could be a new governmental reign ruling the country.

There is a major shift and change that sets in this summer and by August 24th there will be a major change in the government with a shift of those in power. The people will overturn the non-progressive leaders. Turkey will reign in supremacy as an example of the power of the people over turning conservative political powers. It is a social revolution.  

And if social riots aren’t enough, the turbulence of emotion in Turkey causes rumblings of the earth as well. Earthquakes are possible too. The fall is the most intense for this activity but the time is ripe for an earthquake November-December, while Uranus opposes and Pluto squares natal Mars. December 4th is particularly violent fro Turkey (Uranus square natal Mars).

It may seem grim but Turkey is in a birthing process of a new independent country that will set the trends of a world power that respects the needs and desires of their society. Turkey will be revered as a nation of integrity, from a break down comes a break through. The price of freedom and civil rights comes at a cost and Turkey will achieve their desired goals.