June 2013 Japan Predictions and lessons

  In Vedic astrology Jupiter transits into the sign Gemini. June 1st.  For the next year the focus is on communications, education, media, commerce and travel.

This is a powerful time for healing through words, speech and music. There is a great opportunity to bring peace and unity to a split and polarized world.

June 26: Mercury turns retrograde, empowering Mercury in Gemini. Improvements concerning travel will be made out of necessity. This may come as a problem that has been exposed within the travel industry. This Mercury retrograde is intense, so take caution around travel. Inventions involving travel and space bring new discoveries concerning time and space. Time travel may no longer be a mystery. This can transcend what we know scientifically. We are on the brink of new perceptions of time and reality.

There are upsets and problems around travel. There is an initiation of different uses of fuel, such as electricity, wind and natural gas ruled by air signs. The oil tycoons will be arranging things in their favor, maybe better developing natural gas, since they own these companies as well.

Solar flares can cause havoc on the natural forces globally. This will cause a wave a natural disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, and shifts in the gravitational pull of the earth.

Vedic Lesson

There are many combinations of planets that are called yogas. Yoga simply means union, so this implies the union of planets. Basically yogas meanings depend on the planets (benefic or malefic) or the houses that they occupy or rule in a chart. There are yogas that indicate wealth, power and suffering.

When the three natural benefic planets Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury conjoin in the same sign they form Saraswati Yoga. There must not be any other planet involved in this conjunction. The houses they reside in are important, and for a pure Saraswati yoga they must be in angular houses (1,4, 7 and 10) or the trinal houses (1,5, and 9) or the 2nd house. These houses produce the benefits of the Saraswati yoga.  Saraswati is the Indian goddess of learning, and the arts. 

People who have this yoga are very intelligent and talented. They are creative, artistic, writers, poets, and musicians, talented with any form of artistry and learning.

They will give different results due to the sign they occupy. The stronger these planets are by sign will produce better results.

Transiting Jupiter will enter the sign of Gemini May 30, 2013 with Venus and Mercury. They will remain together in Gemini without any other planet till June 13th when the Sun will join them. June 22 Venus will transit out of Gemini into Cancer.

The house this Saraswati yogi comes together in each individual’s birth chart indicates a new creative change and opening for opportunities. This is the house that Gemini occupies in each birth chart.

This configuration indicates globally developments in education towards the arts, music, dance and movies. People will merge in appreciation and understanding with a commonality of humanity. Creativity is opening the channels that cultivate free thinkers and open-minded trendsetters. While in the sign of Gemini new creative ways of communication will emerge and unite the world.