Spiritual Insights for a New Year 2014

1 Jan. 2014

 At the beginning of a new year everyone wants to start out with a fresh new perspective. As I contemplate world events and the issue of how one can really change, some very specific things were revealed to me to help create the changes you truly want and need in your life.

This is a time of year when the nights are longer than the days. This means it is a time to go within. We must learn to connect with the essence of who and what we truly are. The essence within you is the loving unconditional spirit that connects you to everything and everyone. When you connect to this essence within you, you will find peace, contentment and direction to your path. All outward experiences in life are directing you to your eternal home. This life is the fulfillment of our spiritual journey back to our selves. When you take the time to meditate every day even for a short interval you will be in a place of peace and harmony that leads you to the path your life is meant to fulfill.

When you meditate ask that you be connected to the energy or spirit within your heart. Let go of all the thoughts and chaos that continues to run through your mind. All the mental stuff is insignificant to the essence in your heart. The essence of God is in your heart and will give everything you need in your life, so always remember to reconnect daily with your true essence to guide you through the your daily activities. If your mind is overly active, concentrate on your breath; focus counting your breath in, and then the breath out. This will calm you and remind you of your true essence. Ask that your heart open, and give and receive the power of love to every human being you meet throughout the day. This daily exercise will transform your life.

In terms of creating the real changes in your life, the next step is to seek help. In our isolation we tend to obsess and exaggerate our thoughts. Our reactions are based on ideas that are usually false. We must get outside of ourselves to achieve the change we desire. We are here to connect to others and cannot be isolated or alone to achieve our goals. To come together in love and appreciation is how we to connect to our higher power. It is known that in groups people that could never overcome bad habits are able to somehow transform their lives. It is actually in the heart energy that this is accomplished.

When we connect with someone that we feel understands us we create trust. And when we feel heard our goals seem possible and begin to manifest. If this person has been where we are and has created the change we seek then we have an epiphany that inspires our willpower to change. It is truly in the experience of connecting to someone who we feel a connection on a heart level that begins the transformation.

This is how we connect our heart to our mind. To find a mentor, teacher or advisor that we can truly connect will transform your life. But you must get outside yourself and seek this person. It is the connection of hearts and minds that will give you the power to change your life. Alcoholics Anonymous is a prime example, for it is the only proven way to break addictions. People need support, understanding and council from others. This is also true in weight loss programs as well. When someone connects with another that has gone through the process, and can understand and encourage you in your path to change, you are able to achieve things you never thought possible.

Another way to inspire the change you seek is to find a life coach that can direct you in the area you need change. It may even be a financial advisor if you want to get your finances in order. You cannot be afraid to seek or spend the money that it may take to get your life on track. The payback will give you what you are seeking, so money in this case cannot be an issue.

I find that astrological counseling is taking the direction of coaching.  When people are looking for direction, a birth chart will indicate the gifts and talents of an individual. But the best part of astrology is to see when the most advantageous time is to make a move or when it is time to pull back and reassess. Astrology is simply the study of cycles and how they affect your life. There is a time and place to do certain things.  Astrology is a tool to be used for knowing your potential and the timing it will come to fruition. When you are on track with your true mission, life seems to work and things fall in place.

No matter what you want to change this year, follow this two-step phase and you will transform your life.

  1. Meditate to connect to your divinity when possible.


  1. Find the help you need through others you feel a heart connection. It can be a support group, mentor, sponsor, advisor or coach that is an expert in the area or issue you want to change.


Following these two simple steps will change and transform your life.
This is a promise!

And as my teacher once said, “timing is everything. For example, if you want to get a suntan would you go out at midnight in the month of January or would you go out at noon in July?” He was speaking of course for the northern hemisphere!

Happy New Year! Joni Patry


Planetary Aspects and Predictions 2014


The most important astrological event that will be affecting the world is Mars going retrograde. Mars goes retrograde about every two years, but this retrograde cycle is significant since it will be involved in a grand cross including violent planets Pluto and Uranus, and Jupiter which indicates a large event since Jupiter magnifies events.
Watch how the fighting worldwide is magnified and becomes explosive as Mars nears the pivotal point. This year 2014 we can expect war throughout the world. Mars rules anger, war, violence, weapons and fire. Additionally its position this year is critical and will be the trigger for events that explode but bring a transformation for peace in future years to come.

There are certain countries that will be affected more in this war potential. This depends on the countries’ birth charts and those already in the news for social upheaval will come to a head with violence and massive change. The countries to watch are Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Israel, North Korea, and the United States. All these countries have major planets tied up with the cycle of Mars retrograde and the Saturn and Rahu transits. My YouTube channel has my world predictions and I also have a new take on the charts of countries about to come out. 


Major Planetary Events that Flavor 2014:

Saturn and Rahu are together in Libra till Rahu and Ketu change signs July 15
January 31: Venus Direct19 degrees Sagittarius
March 01: Mars Retrograde 03 degrees Libra
April 22-23: Mars 19 degrees Virgo. Perfect Grand Cross - Mars square Jupiter/opposed Uranus/square Pluto
May 19: Mars Direct 14 degrees Virgo
June 18: Jupiter changes into Cancer (exalted)
Jupiter in Cancer is aspected by Saturn (10th aspect) until Saturn shifts into Scorpio Saturn blocks Jupiter’s power
July 15: Rahu changes to 29 degrees Virgo, Ketu changes to 29 degrees Pisces
July 14-15 Mars conjunct Rahu 0 degrees of Libra
August 25: Mars conjunct Saturn 23 degrees Libra
October 23: Ketu is in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer aspects (trine) 25 degrees, Pisces/Cancer, close to Uranus. 
November 2: Saturn changes into Scorpio
January 20, 2015: Ketu will conjunct Uranus 18 degrees Pisces


January Aspects

January 1: New Moon 16 degrees Sagittarius, nakshatra: Purva Ashadha
Sun/Moon conjunct Pluto square Mars: Purva Ashadha is the nakshatra associated with declarations of war. 
January 1-5: Sun (and Mercury) in Grand Cross, conjunct Pluto, opposed Jupiter, square Uranus, square Mars indicates intense war and aggression in the world.

January 11: Venus conjunct Sun 27 degrees Sagittarius, Venus is combust the Sun during this time causing problems in harmony, peace and relationships. The world is in a crisis. It is time to practice what we preach and lean to treat others the way we would want to be treated.

January 15: Full Moon 1 degree Cancer/Capricorn, nakshatra: Pushya: Pushya is the nakshatra of protection and nurturing, but can be very authoritative and unbending in beliefs.

January 16: Venus square Mars 24 degrees Sagittarius/Virgo. Disruptions in war and peace keep the world in chaos. Venus as it transits in Sagittarius fires up righteousness and hostility.

January 16– April 24: Jupiter in Ardra Retrograde (20 degrees Gemini)
Ardra 6 degrees 40 minutes - 20 degrees Gemini, Ardra indicates a tragic event be aware of this time frame for tragedy.

January 25: Mercury square Saturn 28 degrees Capricorn/Libra. Problems with communications and travel. Postpone any signing of contracts.

January 30: New Moon 16 degrees Capricorn, nakshatra: Shravana; This is the nakshatra for listening and awareness.

January 31: Venus Direct 19 degrees Sagittarius. Issues concerning a relationship shift and change of heart. Affairs of the past may end but love and affection for the future can evolve from lessons from this brief awakening.

January 31: Venus conjunct Pluto opposed Jupiter 18 degrees Sagittarius/Gemini. Intense feelings are motivated by righteousness and judgment. Love and affection will grow if there has been honesty and truth, but if troubling issues have been avoided then the truth will surface to create a healing or ending.