February 2014 Logic: Forbidden Love

30 Jan. 2014

Joni has predicted major chaos and unprecedented problems on a global scale headed our way in April when the extremely rare astrological Grand Cross occurs. When I consider how to prepare for this very difficult time to come, my thoughts turn to something most people consider forbidden and yet I know it to be the bedrock of what is essential in our lives – self love.
It has gotten an incredibly bad reputation as an ego-centric, selfish point of view so that most people feel uncomfortable thinking about the notion of self love. Diving a bit deeper on the subject, beyond the surface reactions, we can understand why a strong foundation of self love, which means respecting and caring about yourself, is essential.
Loving yourself, like anyone else you love, is all about knowing the person’s values and standards, their beliefs and boundaries. This is a great month to ponder those things and create your own personal mission statement. I suggest writing it out. Make it simple but make it thoughtful. By writing out your personal mission statement, you can change it as many times as you want. Chances are your statement will evolve as you truly consider who you are and what is most important to you in this life. By creating it, you will feel a deep respect and love for yourself because the values you love in others are the values you hold too. Seeing them written out states your value and purpose, and can help you move closer to your goals or create new ones.
Sometimes, when we are being truthful with ourselves, we discover things that we don’t like at all about ourselves. Diving deep into self-examination can cause you to come face-to-face with aspects of yourself that may shock and horrify you. Resist the urge to deny that these aspects exist. It will not serve you to lie to yourself. Indeed, this in-depth journey can benefit you beyond your wildest dreams if you stay honest with yourself. Yet this examination can push you further away from knowing your true self if you try to mask the answers you find. Stay strong and begin the work of removing the pieces of you that you find that don’t serve you.
How do you remove what you don’t like or want to be part of your psyche? Recognizing what you don’t want is the first step – and that alone goes a long way in vanquishing it from your psychic bedrock. The next time the thought or action comes into play for you, you recognize it consciously as something you don’t want to be associated with any longer. With your mind, with your heart push it away from you. See it with your mind’s eye being shoved away and being caught by a cosmic hurricane that carries it off beyond your sight, beyond the atmosphere out into space and into oblivion.
Being conscious of what you stand for and believe in creates a beautiful sense of self love that is not selfish or forbidden but a strong foundation on which to build loving relationships. Furthermore, it will be what you can build your decision making process on when tough choices need to be made in the coming months. When everything appears to be unraveling, whether in your personal life or on a world scale, being able to tap into your inner strength and wisdom based on the love and respect you have for yourself can often mean the difference between surviving or not.