Extreme Stress and Social Unrest for November

1 Nov 2012

The Solar Eclipse this month occurs with Ketu conjunct Algol the most treacherous fixed star that deals with decapitation. Although it usually means losing the head, as in emotional upsets, it can represent danger too. This is a very stressful time globally and the difficulty is just starting. Mercury retrograde will cause chaos and confusion. The unsettling attitudes cause social unrest around the world.

• 11/01-11/03 Venus opposed Uranus and Venus square Pluto:
Venus is the pivotal planet that determines the trends of many events because it is the dispositor of the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu. As Venus comes into hard aspect with Uranus and Pluto, circumstances concerning financial markets are hard hit. The world is beginning to awaken from a sleep, for matters of true importance come under the scrutiny of world leaders. The superficial has no place in the matters that concern the world as of now. During this time Venus is debilitated which worsens the conditions affecting the world currently.

• 11/06 Mercury turns Retrograde: The degree Mercury turns retrograde is very significant for it is the degree of the lunar eclipse next May at 10 degrees Scorpio. It was also the exact degree in opposition to where Jupiter and Ketu conjoined last July. This is significant since it will be opposed President Obama’s natal Moon at 10 degrees Taurus. This means there is going to be confusion with an unexpected result. This Mercury retrograde will top the records with mass confusion particularly as it is crossing over Rahu. This means there is an unexpected shift and the unprecedented change gives rise to the anger, hostility and disruption that change the social climate in America and the world.

• 11/08 Mars enters Sagittarius: As Mars enters Sagittarius, political and religious righteousness becomes more intense breaking out in possible social riots. Extremism seems to take over the otherwise sensible minds of many. Mars will be opposed the U.S. natal Mars and this activates attacks in the social realm.

• 11/09 Venus trine Jupiter: Jupiter sends its expansive energy towards Venus and gives a break in the confusion. There is a sense of generosity, and the financial markets take a hike in the right direction. Feelings of fairness and compassion shift from feelings of social unrest.

• 11/10 Neptune turns Direct 6 degrees Aquarius:Neptune casts a spellbinding aura of mystery and intrigue, but is based on deception. It is easy for the media to cast spells on the public knowing how to manipulate the minds of many. Don’t be fooled by the media’s spell, know the truth is not what we are hearing in the media. But as Neptune changes directions the truth will surface with more accuracy. Listen to your inner knowing during these suspenseful times. Truth is stranger than fiction.

• 11/13 Mercury square Neptune, Solar Eclipse (Total): 27 degrees Libra, nakshatra Vishakha. The eclipse in Libra will introduce a whole new governing in the world for the ways of truth and fairness begin to prevail. Mercury square Neptune point to a deceptive plot in government concerning world events. The truth is not disclosed and the rage is building from lack of communication and information.
During this Mercury retrograde with Rahu the winds and tides will rise and extreme weather begins a very wet and cold winter season. The world is undercover and the truth is top secret. Be aware of your own truth and live by your own rules, not others. Eliminate anger and you will fare well during these unstable times.

• 11/17 Venus enters Libra, Mercury conjunct Sun: Venus entering Libra brings a much needed relief for it is in a strong sign changing the tides of the financial markets giving relief for a while. The world has come to grips with the new changes and seems to be in a mode of calm, even though many can feel the rumblings beneath the surface.

• 11/18 Mercury enters Libra

• 11/22 Sun square Neptune, Venus trine Neptune; Venus sign of beauty and peace aspects Neptune in a beautiful way. There seems to be relief in the economy increasing spending and prosperity. There is a calming effect that takes over the world. But there are still some disgruntled individuals that dominate the peace of the world and disrupt the holidays in a hostile way. The Sun square Neptune gives rise to contention around world leaders.

• 11/23 Mars square Uranus: Look out! This is a sign of disruption! This is a violent aspect and caution must be heeded. Mars is in a very sensitive spot as it notoriously causes problems in Sagittarius, especially for the U.S. During this week while Mars approaches Pluto on 11/27, there is a direct angry jolt that upsets the world. This is a treacherous time, be cautious.

• 11/26 Sun trine Uranus, Mercury turns Direct 24 degrees Libra, Venus conjunct Saturn: As Mercury turns direct there will be a clearing with forward direction cleaning up the recent dismay and problems of the past. It is time to move forward in all the areas you have felt stuck and stifled within. There are inventions and innovations in the scientific fields.

• 11/27 Mars conjunct Pluto

• 11/28 Lunar Eclipse: 12 degrees Taurus, nakshatra Rohini

The Lunar eclipse comes as Mars conjoins Pluto and Ketu stations on the ominous degree that haunts the entire month, the degree of fixed star Algol (dangerous fixed star).  It is a month of tension, disruption, confusion, and unpredictable changes. Remember to expect the unexpected!


Spiritual Insights

The effects of Hurricane Sandy will be felt and affect many events culminating at this time. This could be seen as an attack from Mother Nature, and nature brings balance to events that have gotten out of balance.

This is a pivotal time in history, and the results of these times will determine the events about to occur in this coming year. It is not who will be elected as President of the United States but the reaction of the people to the elections and the conditions around the event. Storms are brewing figuratively and literally. Emotions are fueling the fire that is building. 

The end of this year is heralding in a change of times. The world is changing and the results are extreme.

My predictions for 2013 are intense; this will be one of the most dramatic and eventual years in history. While watching the storm Sandy as it hit the heavily populated East Coast and not knowing the damage it will create in its wake is like knowing the oncoming astrological events that I know are going to hit in 2013. We must be cautious and prepare for a storm.

Is this storm the reason why the political elections have a twisted fate unforeseen before this time? This is only the beginning!

Here is the opening paragraph for my 2013 predictions. They will soon be available on my website for sale. I will send a newsletter out as soon as the editing is complete.

Analyzing the cycles of the planets in relation to world events, I always believe life gets better by viewing the planets from an optimistic perspective. We must take into consideration how the cycles and patterns will benefit us individually and globally. In reality there is never a time of complete global peace or prosperity. This is a world of duality and polar opposites, as the scales of balance sway from one direction to another. The forces of positive and negative are always at odds. Please consider the future possibilities without fear. I must caution you before reading my predictions that this is a very challenging year ahead.
I back up my predictions with evidence of past historical events containing similar planetary aspects. History does repeat itself through cycles, but I have to believe there is a certain level of consciousness that has evolved throughout time. The ignorance of yesterday cannot rule the world today for we have grown in awareness.
The predictions are broad affecting the world, but this year can bring personal transformation and windfalls of luck and financial prosperity. Bear in mind even though it looks like a year of gloom and doom, it is a year of transformational change. And if you like drama and excitement, this is your year!
Here are some points to consider:
1. It is the end of the cycle. The Mayan calendar ends a week before 2013.
2. It is the end of an era. Change is necessary to clear the path for a new birth.
3. Endings give way to the new opportunities.
4. Changes this important give windfalls and a sudden rise in fortune or misfortune.
5. Many planets have to align to create changes of a great magnitude; this is seen in charts of sudden streaks of good fortune.
6. Saturn will be extraordinary in strength, and gives deserved rewards; if Saturn is your friend, you are in luck.
7. When it rains it pours, for good or bad, this is a year of extremes!
Many aspects of being human will never change and that involves our emotions. We will always feel and need each other. Healing comes through unity and healing the emotions.
There is always going to be suffering to some extent in the world. Overall, this year will have more extreme events that will affect everyone worldwide. This will be a historical year.
Within the individual charts of people and countries there are transitions from prosperity to loss. As the seasons represent the cyclic changes we are headed into the end of times before a rebirth. We have to remember it is what we take away from these experiences that gives our life meaning and purpose. Challenging times develop our heart and soul.
We are here to understand the cycles and the message of what we are here to gain from life’s experiences. It is the growth in consciousness that we take away from a life well lived.
People will always be opposed and fight, but to come to an agreement or resolve differences takes evolvement in consciousness because it is surrender of the ego. This frees us from the world of hostility, chaos and opposites, and can release the chains of karma or cause and effect.
The overlay of continuous planetary cycles relative to one another and an understanding of human behavior is astrology. I process the results always looking for the silver lining. The cycles of 2013 will affect everyone differently but in the big picture there will more fighting and destruction than usual. It depends on our outlook and perspective as to what we can take away from this that gives our life meaning. Everything happens for growth and betterment of humanity.
It is a year of challenge and change, war and peace, conflict and surrender. How will this all play out? Nothing is cast in stone, for the future results from trends being created now. This involves our freewill. The astrological cycles are like a weather forecast, so with this in mind prepare for a storm.
The Presidential elections have been a focal point in America for the last year with campaigns and ads running rampant in the media. The ads are negative and the fighting goes on. The candidates portray themselves as caring, loving individuals with an interest in humanity, but the ads and debates have a different presentation. They are both trying to be elected into political office and both will say and do what it takes to get there. These political parties oppose vehemently and the media can be very convincing according to which side they are on.

People twist whatever they want to be right in their favor to get what they want. When there is something they want or are trying to protect people they twist the facts to believe something is true to protect their reality. Steeped in their belief there is no other reality and they have convinced themselves of their belief. They spend an absurd amount of time trying to convince others, when they are really trying to convince themselves. Their truth is built on many stipulations and stories around their belief and becomes their truth. Within a world of illusion, we have to wonder, what is the truth? Are we all doing this to some degree?

With religious faith we are all steeped in a particular brand based on our upbringing and beliefs. You may believe there is proof backing up your beliefs. Some believe in God and some do not. Believers are 100% positive that they have proof, but nonbelievers will argue the opposite, but in reality there is never going to be proof that satisfies both sides of the argument. There is no proof required for the believer and never enough proof for the nonbeliever.

You can argue this forever, but my point is we all have our beliefs based on our own experience. Our truths are different perspectives of the same picture. Consider that everyone comes from a different place in life and their reality and truth differs from yours. Obviously, inflicting pain on others is a mental disease, and not what I am discussing here. But I am asking that we try and understand different viewpoints, for we all have a right to our perspectives based on our past. I believe now is an important time for understanding and compassion. This is a most relevant time in history that this attitude is needed.

If we can come together with understanding without fierce judgment and unbending attitudes then we can avoid the possible trends that may create the outcomes of 2013. But in the current state of affairs the walls of differences will be broken down in destruction instead of voluntarily taken down. The choice begins individually. We must learn to work together and realize that unity is our true nature not separation and discord. If we don’t wake up to this reality, we will be forced to. Nature has a way of balancing what is out of balance.

From Transformation of Consciousness 2012 and Beyond
This is the month of the election for the President of the United States and the attention is on the political arena in America. There will be desertion and disappointment looming through the world. Many stake their faith in the world through politics and their political leader. There is a false sense of hope, for in reality the world is controlled by a higher order. Elections will dominate the news, detaining American people from economic reality. This will devastate America and the world economy. There are no more superficial fixes, for now the truth will set us free for a new beginning. But we are now at the dawn of a new age and beginning. New beliefs will begin a new world consciousness that upholds a new world order.

Joni Patry