December Sun Sign Predictions

3 Dec 2012

Final closure concerning a relationship changes your life direction. You may have reservations about the cost and emotional support you gave to a cause you believed in. Your heart is heavy but you can’t look back. 
It has been a long haul, but finally you will experience the fruits of your labor. Partnerships have supported you only to fulfill their desires. It is time take back your confidence and go for your dreams.
Your diligent work has brought new associations that lead you to future success. You have been dutifully seeking these goals for a long time. Arguments over past trivial events can retard your progress. 
Matters of the heart are your main concern. You are more in touch with your feelings especially concerning your past and familiarity. It is time to pursue your past creative goals, for they will bring true peace and happiness. 
Home is calling you to revisit past memories which open your heart. The warmth and love you feel from being home fuel your soul. Reunions help you see your family from a refreshing perspective.
Traveling opens awareness and possibilities for a new life. Exploring new locations gives a new perspective. It is time take classes of interest to expand your world and change your direction. 
Culminating events from the past year brings finality and realization of the inevitable. It is time to let go of the past for it is holding you back from future opportunities. Growth on a personal level gives your life meaning. 
You have become a master at self-help and personal development. A new awareness attracts relationships that complement your new sense of self. Keep focused on your path of enlightenment. 
Take time to visit old friends that may need your council and help. Your past is catching up with you. It is time to finalize lingering projects. Be aware of any hidden agendas of coworkers or employees. 
Realize major projects must be accomplished alone. You feel abandoned by friends you counted on. Your future success weighs on your sweat equity. Don’t let gossip and superficial associates detain you. 
This is your time to shine for you are recognized for a job well done. Your allies and peers commend your hard efforts. Keep focused on your truth and your current success will build into an empire. 
You are a visionary, open to future possibilities. New prospects to teach, learn and travel open endless opportunities. Your have a gift for communication and technology which will advance your career.