December Logic

1 Dec 2012

Joni says we have a choice right now between knowing and illusion. I agree with her that most people live in their own worlds of illusion. This is the world our perception creates, and we think it is reality. In truth, it is our personal version of reality.

Obtaining a clear vision of reality means consciously observing and then letting go of beliefs that skew your vision so that you can see what’s behind all the illusion. It is my opinion that complete objectivity is impossible because of our immense capacity for emotion. Even those of us who work hard at recognizing and eliminating bias and personal preference from our vision have a skewed view of reality to some degree. It’s part of being human. However, it is possible to attain a certain level of objectivity that allows you to reach a place of knowing, as Joni refers to it this month.

The logic this month supports you recognizing what beliefs are holding you back from living a life of knowing rather than illusion. If we are to successfully navigate the turbulent waters of current times, we need to be able to look at life through our sense of knowing. And what a marvelous sense this is! Practical metaphysics in action. The science of tuning into your awareness and dropping your biases is a modern day alchemical process that produces a heightened state of awareness. This level of consciousness allows you to connect more easily to your universal energy source which is constant and unlimited.

When we choose knowing over illusion, we are choosing to plug into our higher selves. We are choosing to dismiss the dark, sluggish energy of fear for the light, vibrant energy of awareness. While taking the psychic broom to sweep away detrimental beliefs is a chore, it is one that will reap amazing results. I will tell you more about how to do this soon. In the meantime you can begin monitoring your thoughts and asking yourself if they are based in knowing or illusion. Remember, you will know the answer immediately. If you try to convince yourself or lie to yourself about something, you might as well quit right then because you are wasting your time.

Let’s prepare to face the headwinds that are coming.