December 2013 Spiritual Insights

1 Dec 2013

 The many transitions that occurred last month during the eclipse period are transforming the world to another level. The fact that comet ISON is fizzling out could be an omen that we have averted a horrendous event. There are spiritual opportunities have inspired a new level of consciousness. As a teacher of Vedic astrology I have noticed an amazing new opening in awareness. In the recent past there was a low level understanding in Vedic astrology. The concepts I taught seemed to go over their heads but today I notice minds coming alive, the light bulb is turning on.  There is an expanding mass consciousness. This indicates a turning point and an awakening in humanity.


But more turmoil is on the way as Uranus and Pluto form a square again. The economy appears to be in better place than last year due to spending. The flow seems encouraging, but the debts remain. Jupiter and Saturn are in trine and will continue to move into a much better line up in future years. But the media does not want anyone to think about the future deficit.  On October 16, to end the government shutdown in the United States the Senate passed a bill to fund the government until January 15, 2014, and suspending the debt ceiling until February 7, 2014. This deadline is closing in and would definitely spark concern and fear curtailing the current spending. Be leery of what the media wants you to understand for this is the year of the financial fall out.

The most significant astrological aspect that has had an overall effect on humanity is the Uranus and Pluto square. In 3 years there are 7 exact hits. This aspect flavors the big picture of overall global events occurring. The secondary aspects that trigger this major aspect are Jupiter square to this aspect, then the final trigger as Mars moves into a perfect grand cross. This is an extremely rare and Mars retrograde in 2014 keeps this fateful aspect for many more months. This is an extraordinary event that will produce the biggest change we have ever witnessed. Mars is a triggering planet but the fact that it is stationing will intensify this event like never before.

December 25 –December 31 Mars will oppose Uranus and square Pluto, which will create explosive events globally. The masses doubt the competence and motives of their government. The world is about to explode on all levels but the outcome will be a massive worldwide awakening. The outcome will be the people taking back their control. The world is getting smaller and we are actually one nation of humanity. This revolution will remove the power from those who have governed the world. There will be a new form of currency. As I predicted in my Predictions for 2013 there will be a new way money will be transferred and made.

From my book: Predictions for 2013
New technology, higher education, and better communications will end old outgrown dictatorships. The way money is made and transmitted will end old tired financial markets. Through conflict, healing transpires from breakdowns to breakthroughs. The changes that are made during this time will make the world better and thriving years later.”

There are now new ways being implemented dissolving the need for money as we know it, such as CES (Community Exchange System) and the most popular is booming, Bitcoin. Investors are piling into the digital currency, which is not issued by a central bank but is conjured into being by cryptographic software running on a network of volunteers’ computers. This week the price of a Bitcoin soared to above $1,000, from less than $15 in January. November 22 someone purchased $150 million of bitcoins. They are moving towards mainstream use.

But the frenzy of those motivated by greed may cause this great idea to explode and dissolve.  But the idea that we can have a currency not apart of the controls of the federal government gives the power back to the people.  This will be the wave of the future and is the transformation that makes this a greater unified world.

Venus turns retrograde on December 21 at 4 degrees of Capricorn indicating intensity and focus on the area of relationships. Retrograde planets put an emphasis on the area the planet rules. Venus rules relations, marriage, beauty, and the arts. It has been known to rekindle old relationships or their memories and experiences from the past. It actually gives the opportunity to heal the issues involved in how we operate in relationships so to understand the true meaning of love. But when control and expectations come to pass love becomes a betrayal and ends with sadness and the belief that no one truly understands. Then the aching heart closes off, associating love with pain. The real lesson is to love unconditionally and most assumed love affairs are not rooted in this base understanding, so the illusion of love keeps us in the cycle of desiring a person who understands us on all levels. This actually will never be achieved on earth unless there is a connection and relationship to the true essence in our hearts.

While Mars is in Virgo there will be more people getting sick. Illness will be rampant on our planet. Virgo is the sign of health and diet. The foods you are consuming are of vital importance. Strengthening the immune system is a major priority if you want to be healthy during such a crises on earth. Over the past year I have regularly taken the food supplement Chlorella and have noticed a marked difference in my health. Most significantly, while being exposed to many sick people I have not gotten sick and my seasonal allergies are gone.

The weather will be extreme throughout the entire winter. This will intensify when Jupiter enters into the nakshatra Ardra, January 16, 2014. The winds and cold will be record breaking for the northern hemisphere. Ardra is the most extreme nakshatra pertaining to winds for the ruling deity is Rudra, the howling wind. Ardra’s symbol is a teardrop signifying sadness and emotional pain. This nakshatra indicates there will be a very difficult event with considerable loss in the world. Furthermore, this is a strong indication that we must strengthen our immune systems now in preparation.

We are on this planet to learn and grow through each other and it is imperative to be of service to others. This is the realization of our spiritual essence and growth. These are epic times in history. The greatest lesson we know and have come to understand as the world turns is the importance for unity and support in times of crises and need. Always knowing, “united we stand, divided we fall.” This is the message for humanity.


”What will the present chaos lead to? How will it all end? It can only end in one way. Mankind will be sick of it all....”
Meher Baba

Astrological Aspects

December 12: Jupiter and Saturn trine, which give a better outlook for the economy. But this is only a temporary illusion of prosperity. There will be a break down but there are other means of making money or a new kind of money.  This aspect represents the enfoldment of new opportunities and possibilities that transform the financial world for the people not the government.

December 17: Uranus stations at 14 degrees and will move towards a final squaring off with Pluto bringing the process of transformation and change.  This is necessary to heal the world of the crisis of religious freedom and a better understanding of our differences and the lesson of tolerance.

December 21: Venus stationary retrograde 4 degrees Capricorn, accentuates love and romance. But with Venus retrograde the area of love seems to be out of reach and many feel their relationships are not fulfilling. There is a yearning for appreciation and love, but it is never enough to suffice the aching heart.
December 25: Mars oppose Uranus brings social unrest around the world stirring up angry discontented groups. The prospect of war and rebellion make a surprising strike. With this being Christmas day in the western part of the world religion could be the culprit for the attacks.

December 30-31:  Sun square Uranus and Mars square Pluto are violent aspects that will cause more violence around the world. The Sun is joining forces with Pluto while Mars is forming a square to both. This is a potent grand cross that will end the year like a grand finale. This is the beginning of a very tumultuous year 2014. The world is breaking down the old paradigm that must die to the new, for the powers that dominate will not go down without a fight.

12/02 New Moon, 16 degrees Scorpio; nakshatra Jyeshta
12/05 Venus enters Capricorn
12/06 Mercury square Neptune
12/10 Mercury trine Uranus
12/12 Jupiter trine Saturn
12/15 Sun enters Sagittarius
12/17 Full Moon 1 degree Gemini; nakshatra Mirigashira, Uranus stationary retrograde 14 degrees Pisces
12/20 Mercury enters Sagittarius
12/21 Venus stationary retrograde 4 degrees Capricorn
12/25 Mars oppose Uranus
12/29 Mercury conjunct Sun, Mercury square Uranus
12/30 Sun square Uranus, Mars square Pluto
12/31 Venus conjunct Pluto, Mercury square Mars