December 2013 Logic

1 Dec 2013

“December 25–December 31 Mars will oppose Uranus and square Pluto, which will create explosive events globally.” Joni spells it out for us this month in her December astrology insights. Furthermore, this extremely rare alignment promises unprecedented chaos for months but then culminates in a world-wide awakening according to Joni.

When horrendous events are happening on a global scale, what can we as individuals do to protect ourselves and help others? It may seem to be an impossible task to achieve yet on closer inspection, it is the small and meek who can have the most impact. Here’s how.

Plan big, but take little steps.

The grandest plans directing the largest armies begin with each member taking a first step. It’s no different with you. Start with a plan. When a catastrophe strikes, what do you want to do? Flee from it? Run toward it to help others? Whatever you choose, lay out the steps necessary to achieve your ultimate goal.

Make each step achievable within a reasonable amount of time. Realistically think about how you will accomplish each step. If it’s too much for you to tackle, you will become frustrated and give up. However, if you divide it up into manageable pieces then your plan will run smoothly.

It takes some practice to learn how to create manageable plans. Most of us are guilty of creating plans that simply are too big and complicated to implement. If you feel overwhelmed looking at a step you have created, then divide that step in two or more parts.

Remember, anything can be accomplished. We humans have proven that countless times. The trick lies in making it manageable.

As we enter a time in our world where everything we are made of will be tested, prepare yourself. Joni has provided the insight in advance of what is to come, and now I have given you the secret to making a plan and sticking to it.

If you are prepared, then you will help yourself, your family and friends as well as many others.