December 2012 predictions

3 Dec 2012

12/02 Sun oppose Jupiter: There is an excess of world power that is clouding the truth for many. These extremes are overshadowing reality. The world is in darkness. The Sun in Scorpio has no sense of peace, it only wants retaliation and revenge. 

12/05 Mercury enters Scorpio: As the planets align in the sign of Scorpio more inner conflict culminates causing inner confusion and tension. 

12/11 Venus enters Scorpio, Mercury square Neptune: The media is suppressing facts concerning the economy for we are approaching the biggest financial spending season before Christmas. There are more advertisements and the spending creates a bigger deficit to unravel in the end. It is a last ditch effort. 

12/13 -12/14 Uranus turns Direct 10 degrees Pisces, New Moon: 27 degrees Scorpio, nakshatra Jyeshta, Mercury trine Uranus: As Uranus stations expect the unexpected. Surprise events catch us off guard. Prepare for the worst case scenario and you will not be at a loss. Uranus can indicate tremors and earthquakes around the world. 

12/15 Sun enters Sagittarius: As the Sun transits the sign occupied by Mars and Pluto social unrest stirs in the world. Toward the springtime Mars and the Sun will transit closer together indicating strife and war. 

12/16 Venus square Neptune: Areas of love and affection are marked by delusional ideas of romance. In the mass media it feels like a spell has been cast. It appears as though a hypnotic trance is cast over the eyes of the public. Be aware of these practices used in the media. 

12/17 Mercury oppose Jupiter: There is an over flow of mass media used to capture the minds of many easily influenced by suggestion. There is a feast or famine attitude before the beginning of the new year. 

12/18 Mars enters Capricorn: Mars will increase in intensity in Capricorn empowering those in power controlling the world. Undercurrents of truth begin to surface as regimes of power lose control of the masses. 

12/19 -12/22 Venus trine Uranus and Venus oppose Jupiter: Venus gives an opportunity to meet with exciting and powerful contacts that will shake and wake up the world. Venus can give opportunities in our personal lives. Don’t miss any social events where you could meet influential people. 

12/25 Sun square Uranus: Suddenly many earth changes affect the world. These are literal and figurative. The world is becoming a very unsettled place with confusion and disruption. 

12/27 Mercury enters Sagittarius, 12/28 Full Moon, 13 degrees Gemini, nakshatra Ardra: The full Moon in Ardra indicates the onset of powerful winds and intense cold in the northern hemisphere. Time to gather your firewood. It is time to prepare and make resolutions for the new year for the full Moon brings intentions to fruition. 
• 12/02 Sun oppose Jupiter
• 12/05 Mercury enters Scorpio
• 12/11 Venus enters Scorpio; Mercury square Neptune
• 12/13 Uranus turns Direct 10 degrees Pisces; New Moon: 27 degrees Scorpio; nakshatra Jyeshta
• 12/14 Mercury trine Uranus
• 12/15 Sun enters Sagittarius
• 12/16 Venus square Neptune
• 12/17 Mercury oppose Jupiter
• 12/18 Mars enters Capricorn
• 12/19 Venus trine Uranus
• 12/22 Venus oppose Jupiter
• 12/25 Sun square Uranus
• 12/27 Mercury enters Sagittarius
• 12/28 Full Moon: 13 degrees Gemini, nakshatra Ardra