December 2012 Spiritual Insights

1 Dec 2012

The recent Lunar Eclipse November 28, 2012 gives no indication that things are going to lighten up in the world. The media is falsely misleading the public with commercials and advertisements that hypnotize the masses.  Pretending there are no consequences for the extreme debt we are about to face, as Neptune (illusions) is at the midpoint of this Lunar Eclipse.  There is no way of escaping this fiscal cliff. The USA is in for a huge awakening! 


In the chart for the USA transiting Neptune will conjunct the natal Moon in the 3rd house (media). The Moon rules the 8th house (banks, money control and power). And it is very unsettling that exalted transiting Mars in the 2nd house of money and finances is in opposition to natal Mercury in the 8th house. Furthermore, President Obama’s natal Sun and Mercury are conjunct the USA’s natal Mercury and Rahu in the 8th house. 


My prediction is this will be an intense year concerning war and financial loss. This year is critical! The coming months of March-May are steeped with danger and the possibility of nuclear war.
Can this be averted? I believe it can, but this takes an awakening of many people. Could this be what was indicated by the end date of the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012? There is a portal of consciousness that can awaken our world to the truth on planet Earth. We always have a choice between ignorance and awareness. 


There are small pockets of people waking up this year. It may seem incredible, especially if you are deeply steeped in the illusion of this world. Most cannot see beyond the illusion, and nothing will appear different. This is an awakening, a time of mystery and mystical transitions. 
The Sun will align with the Galactic Center on the Winter Solstice while Jupiter is conjunct Ketu in Taurus. Ketu rules the heart and knowing while Rahu rules the mind and illusion. This represents the choice between knowing and truth verses the illusion. During this time (December 2012) as Jupiter and Ketu transit together there is an opening. They will separate in January 2013. So now before January there is a portal to awareness into a realm of higher consciousness. During times of loss we seek the unknown world within. 
Final excerpt from Transformation of Consciousness 2012 and Beyond
“There are no more superficial fixes, for now the truth will set us free for a new beginning. We are now at the dawn of a new age and beginning. New beliefs will begin a new world consciousness that upholds the new world order. 
2012 is the doorway into the Galactic Center,
which is the Transformation of Consciousness; 
it’s the gateway to a higher dimension, God consciousness.
We must enter this black hole that is the tunnel to the light of the next dimension, 
out of the blue and into the black. 
Beyond this darkness is the light of a new birth. 
This is symbolized in the process of human birth into life on Earth. 
The death process is the same as the birth process. 
We must enter the canal to the next dimension, 
into the light beyond this dark consciousness. 
This is the awakening to higher consciousness 
as the light extinguishes the darkness of ignorance.
The world is in transformation, 
a painful birthing process 
that will produce a world of awareness, love, compassion and UNITY.
On December 21st 2012, the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Center 
and marks a new beginning astrologically for higher consciousness on planet Earth”.
The death that is occurring in those who awaken is the death of our personal identity, personality or ego. The attachment to this causes all suffering and the surrender causes bliss, happiness and peace. 
The year 2013 will be full of opportunity for growth. What do I mean by this? 
Take quiet time to go within your heart and listen to your truth (Ketu), disregarding the ego or the talk within your head (Rahu) and you will begin to align with the Galactic Center. 
Excerpt From Predictions for 2013
“As the seasons represent the cyclic changes we are headed into the end of times before a rebirth. We have to remember it is what we take away from these experiences that gives our life meaning and purpose. Challenging times develop our heart and soul”.
The world may continue to be the same for most but there is definitely a different feeling and the planetary lineups are indicating a change in world events for 2013.