Best days for Activities May 2014

It is best to begin new projects around the new moon and finish off those events already started after the Full Moon. The New Moon is April 29th and the Full Moon is may 14th.

After the April New Moon which is a Solar Eclipse there will be hidden unknown secrets come out of the dark which will shed light on the trend of new future occurrences.

May 02: Mercury opposed Saturn: 26 degrees Aries/Libra: Writer block, communications are not heard or understood. Postpone important business meetings.

May 03: Sun trine Pluto: Easy flow of energy, time to ask for favors, start an exercise program.

May 04: Mercury enters Taurus; The mind becomes more set on certain ways, can be stubborn or fixed but more sensual and excessive. Moon is conjunct Jupiter in Gemini, (Punarvasu nakshatra) indicating it is a good time for travel.

May 06: Sun sextile Jupiter: Ideas and energy flow, look for new opportunities, especially with career goals

May 10: Sun opposed Saturn: 25 degrees Aries/Libra; Frustration from blocked energy. Don’t expect favors from authority figures. Loss of energy, ambition and confidence. Rulers will take a fall. The moon is conjunct Mars adding to issues around anger and social uprisings around the world. Not a good day for most planned activities.

May 11: Mercury square Neptune, 13 degrees Taurus/Aquarius: Misunderstandings lead to the wrong choice. Not the day to make decisions. Delusions and deception, foggy minded, problems with taking direction, feeling lost. Not a good day to begin new projects. Venus opposed Mars: 15 degrees Pisces/Virgo; love and romance can bring sudden attractions, Take advantage of any unexpected invitations, time for social events.

May 12: Mercury trine Mars: Intellectual pursuits come easy. Writing and studies are easy now. Good time to take tests. Moon is conjunct Saturn in Rahu (Chitra Nakshatra)Intense focus and mental direction but with a melancholy mood.

May 14: Full Moon: 29 degrees Libra/Aries, nakshatra: Vishaka, Sun enters Taurus: The mind is more perceptive; it is a good time to contemplate the past and come to the realization of lessons of past events. Clarity and vision brings realizations. The moon in Scorpio opposes Mercury in Taurus further indicating a time for thought provoking plans.

Venus in Grand Cross: conjunct Uranus, square Pluto, square Jupiter, opposed Mars: Unexpected realizations concerning love and happiness. Shopping for new clothes can be fun and exciting but your mood will change and so will your taste. You may end up returning the purchases.

May 15: Mercury sextile Uranus; Creative thinking brings new sensational ideas. Take notes and don’t lose sight of the bright ideas. These ideas will work.

May 18: Venus square Jupiter: Time to expand your wardrobe. Shopping for pretty new things for the home or clothes is a great idea. Moon is in Sagittarius (Purva Ashadha). Purchasing high end luxury items is good, such as a car.

May 20: Mars Direct 14 degrees Virgo: Anger and frustration can take hold, be cautious and bite your tongue. This is a day to lay low and don’t make any rash decisions. Impulsive behavior can cause accidents.

May 21: Moon in Aquarius (nakshatra, Shatabhishak) indicates this is a time to heal and rest. This is not a time to begin new projects for the Moon is conjunct Neptune clouding the mind to deceptions and illusions.

May 22: Mercury enters Gemini: The mind is opening. Time to begin travel plans or look into some new classes. Venus is at its exaltation degree 27 Pisces so it is time to socialize. Time to go out to lunch with friends.

May 23: Venus enters Aries: Venus is not as powerful in Aries, Love and shopping begins to wind down this month.

**May 24: Jupiter trines Saturn: 24 degrees Gemini to 24 degrees Libra: this is the best day of the month for all activities. Opportunities are to be taken advantage of. If you have been holding off buying anything or making some big plans this is the day to go for it. Jupiter trine Saturn brings the best opportunities that will give prosperity and expansion to your life. The moon is in Pisces and the auspicious nakshatra Revati good for most events.

May 28: Rahu crosses the degree Mars stationed 3 degrees Libra

New Moon: 13 degrees Taurus, nakshatra: Rohini

Mars 15 degrees Virgo as it turns Direct (important degree)

Mercury sextile Venus

Sun square Neptune: This is a very complicated day that can give great highs and lows. Expect explosive unexpected events. There is much confusion today. There will be confusion and major upheavals. It is a good day to take off work and lay low.

May 31: Sun trine Mars; Energy improves and confidence and energy is on a rise. Make new plans for the future. The Moon is in Punarvasu conjunct both Jupiter and Mercury indicating a great day to begin your travels or go on vacation. This is a very lucky day.