Batman Movie Massacre
from an Astrological Point of View

by Joni Patry
24 Jul 2012
All world events are giving us a glimpse into our own inner shadows. This may seem unreal and impossible, but it is the truth, “As above so below.“ Everything projected in the apparent outside world is a reflection in some way of our inner world. If there is turmoil globally then there has to a remnant of turbulence internally. As explosive events occur in our world, this indicates issues within us. If we are willing to use these as messages for our own inner growth we can expand our consciousness and bring new awareness through understanding every world event.

Astrologically there is a reason for cycles and events happening. We are here to understand about ourselves as well as the collective consciousness of the world.

There are many significant astrological events always occurring indicating the trends and events that are our lessons. Each event brings a new awareness from an astrological perspective about our individual selves and humanity.

The recent movie theater massacre has caught everyone in horror and surprise. Snipers, crazed gunman, mass murders keep rising at different points in our history.

What could the deeper message be concerning this horrific event? In no way am I discounting the tragedy those in this event are experiencing, but it is important to understand from a spiritual level what this teaches us of ourselves and humanity currently.

This tragic event occurred about 30 minutes after the movie began at a midnight premiere. The first 911 calls came in at 12:39 am (Friday) July 20, 2012.

In this chart the most prominent aspect of violence is Mars opposed Uranus.

Mars is the planet of anger, violence and war, and Uranus as the planet of change triggers sudden unexpected events. This aspect was exact on this day.

Other considerations are the fact that Pluto is square both Mars and Uranus. The square forming between Pluto and Uranus is forming on and off for the next year and half. They will form an exact square seven times. Pluto represents world powers that govern the world, and Uranus means sudden unexpected break-downs of these massive controls. This represents governments, financial markets and religious beliefs that control the world. Over the next 18 months events will create a break-down of the world as we know it.

Mars and Saturn are approaching a conjunction which adds fuel to this fire. There are angry contentious emotions that fills the air.

August 3rd, Saturn will enter Libra, where it will remain for the next two years. Mars will join Saturn in Libra. Contention in world group projects will cause setbacks and delays in global peace. Political leaders will be under fire and cannot compromise. A new world order will be developing out of the turmoil. New infrastructures will begin to be built out of chaos. The economy will be at a low and fear overcomes mass consciousness.

Humanity is at a turning point and progress will evolve out of turbulence.

August 8th, Mercury goes direct, meaning all affairs that have been put on hold will begin to move forward. It is time to begin new plans for a better future.

August 15th, Mars and Saturn conjunct, causing a sudden breakdown in global affairs. Plans for recovery begin the long road of healing the world economic crisis.

What does this mean in terms of the massacre that these angry planets displayed? I think it is symbolic that it occurred during a movie. Movies are reflections of illusions made to appear real. They also represent the collective mass trends of consciousness with their content. The story of Batman involves a man that takes on the appearance of a creature that is nocturnal, a bat. But Batman is a force of good that operates from the darkness to dispel evil. I believe this symbolizes that our shadow side is actually a force that can heal our lives. Understanding that when our fears are brought to the light they disappear and can no longer control us.

The horrific anger displayed from the gunman represents the mass anger and hostility directed outside from the powers that control the world. The world has not taken care of us. It has not saved us from the evil forces prevalent. The collective trends represented from the savior ideal is a part of all stories where there is a super power human who saves the world from evil. This is the theme of Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Mighty Mouse to name a few. This represents that we need some outside force to save us from the evils in the world. This event surfaces our need to feel protected from the perversions of the world. But the world has gotten out of control and on all levels the sense of protection is lost as in the world, economy, leadership and security.

The gunman is displaying his irate rage on a world that has lost its power to protect and save him. He lashes out by making his anger at the world known in violence. But on deeper inspection there is a part of this anger in each of us as we blame the political leaders, banks, economy and society for the predicament our lives are in. The world is an angry place, casting blame outside of ourselves and looking to others to save us or fix our problems. We must all face our fears to heal our problems to make this a better world for all of humanity to live in.

The real issue is deep rooted anger. We, as a species, are very violent. We make weapons to kill. The movies of most intrigue must have murder or violent death. We turn our heads in horror but at the same time most gravitate to this subject. And as long as there is a fascination with this subject, it will continue to play out in world affairs. These weapons used for attack – guns, knives, and bombs – are ways we lash out in anger. Although we may not use these devices, we must remember our words and actions can be used to hurt others. If we want a world of peace we must be conscious and aware that our actions contribute to the world of violence no matter how small.

As Mars and Saturn conjunct August 15th, there will be a halt in the world issues spiraling out of control. This may seem like a break in the system but in reality is a breakthrough, for the action of discipline can produce a productive direction.

The sign that this conjunction occurs will determine the area of world events that this concerns. At this time August 2012, Mars and Saturn conjoin (Vedic astrology) in Libra. Saturn is at its highest degree of power in the sign Libra, empowering the good qualities of Saturn. Mars is weak in the sign of Libra, so loses its power to Saturn. The results will produce patience and disciplined preparation to ensure a solid resolution to current problems. The quick fix attempts of Mars don’t last but the power and wisdom of Saturn gives lasting effects. Libra is the sign of balance, justice and peace. The problems are not isolated to one country therefore require all countries on planet Earth to come together to heal. The global leaders will begin a plan to remedy the world problems that have contributed to the economic breakdown. This will require a united global effort to bring peace to our ailing planet.

Joni Patry