Ancient Science Applied with Transformational Logic

31 Jul 2012

August 2012 Signs

Make sure you check your date of birth with the dates for the Vedic Sun signs. Remember that Vedic astrology uses the Sidereal zodiac and the birthdates for the signs are not the same as in Western astrology. The aspects will be the same in both systems, only the signs and degrees differ by 23-24 degrees. If you know your Vedic Moon, or Lagna (rising) signs then you can also read the results given for those signs.

April 13- May 13 (Aries)

May 14 - June 13 (Taurus)

June 14 - July 15 (Gemini)

July 16 - August 15 (Cancer)

August 16 - September 15 (Leo)

September 16 - October 15 (Virgo)

October 16 -November 14 (Libra)

November 15 - December 14 (Scorpio)

December 15 - January 12 (Sagittarius)

January 13 - February 11 (Capricorn)

February 12 - March 13 (Aquarius)

March 14 - April 12 (Pisces)

Contentious partners seem to provoke anger and hostility. Stay calm, cool and collected and things will blow over.


Tensions around work build as hidden agendas surface. Mounting stress can take its toll on your health.


Creativity seems to hit a wall. Persistence and diligent will bring a breakthrough. Worries concerning children consume you.


Problems around the home cause disputes. Breakdowns and outages may occur with equipment around the house.


Rising energy from within drives you to make a stand in your beliefs. Delays and setbacks in travel cause frustration.


Unexpected expenses bring frustration and concern. Keep your your securities and insurance current.


Struggling relationships hit an all time low. It is make or break time, final decisions are made now.


Energy levels hit an all time low. You need time alone for rest and solitude. Recent stress has you overloaded.


Friendships come to a final breaking point. You feel unsupported. It is time to eliminate the emotional drain.


Valiant efforts to increase career opportunities pay off. Major breakthroughs are on the way.


Stay clear to your truths. Justice will prevail and future opportunities will come of this. Travel plans may be cancelled.


This is a wake up period, clarity will bring awareness. Transformation is occurring in every area of your life.