Spiritual Insights and predictions August 2013

5 August 2013

Spiritual Insights and predictions August 2013

Philadelphia NCGR Conference: Everything Under the Sun The Art of Astrology August 15-19
Joni Patry
Saturday August 17
Session 5: 2pm-3:30
Liberation of the Soul
Understanding the Moksha houses, 
Room: Maestro AB
I am very excited to speak for the first time at this stellar international conference. Hope to see you there!

New CDs for Beginning Vedic Astrology: I just filmed my beginning Vedic astrology course and this new exciting video series will be available soon.

New Article: A World in Crises Egypt, Turkey and the US

Turkey, Istanbul: Back by popular demand, I am scheduled to return to Turkey the end of September.




Spiritual Insights

There are very extreme and intense events brewing that will change the world. Events involving violence and conflict are generally due to oppression. The conflicts in Libya, Syria, Egypt, and Turkey are all due to the people rebelling against governments that restrict their freedom as a democratic society. There cannot be peace till a major event awakens the world.

The Saturn and Rahu conjunction (in Libra) occurring from January 2013-July of 2014 will produce an event that will finally bring peace. But peace comes with a price, as Rahu is notoriously known for.

Saturn is the planet of oppression and dark skinned people, and Rahu also rules dark skin and sudden shifts. In India, an individual’s chart with either Rahu or Saturn on the ascendant denotes darkness of the skin. So I find it fascinating that during times when these two planets unite there are racial problems throughout the world, and pertains to oppression of the people. Throughout history in America this conjunction has surfaced many problems concerning healing prejudice.

This planetary conjunction gives the opportunity to heal ignorance of the past. This relates to healing religious beliefs and dictatorships.

Racial tensions and religious wars bring healing of past ignorance, to enlighten the consciousness and awareness of a new age.

As people become more aware religious fundamentalism will eventually decline. All fanaticism within a religion that excludes and condemns others is fundamentalism.

Every aspect of human evolvement is currently in flux and transforming including business, relationships, family, education, religion, and government. We have become a global society and things must adapt to this new way of life.

People around the world are taking back their power. This is a year of transformation; so take advantage of these exciting and magnificent energies to change your life.

You are blessed to be alive at this time because earth is the place we come to grow in consciousness. The great masters have said earth is a place we can truly grow in awareness and this is the purpose for our being here. We have the opportunity to grow by leaps and bounds in this magnificent era on earth. Don’t be fearful; instead embrace this time. It is time to let go of the victim mentality and come from a place of conscious awareness realizing that every life experience is a result of your own actions. You can no longer blame outside situations or people. Opportunities for growth through events and circumstances will be presented, and as you take charge by being responsible your world will change for the better.

Quote by Paramahansa Yoganada
“The man form is higher than the angel form; of all forms it is the highest. Man is the highest being in creation, because he aspires to freedom. Human beings have a unique opportunity to realize and attain Enlightenment. Although living the absolute value of life on the individual level is available to other beings, those that reside in the higher worlds (Devas, Maruts, Vasus, Angels, etc.) are so enthralled by it’s beauty and splendor (very much more so than the earth’s) that they cannot bring themselves to leave it, under any circumstances. So they do not strive for Enlightenment.”

So the message to us is to use this precious time wisely, take responsibility in your life, practice conscious awareness, love and compassion and meditate every day.

Saturn and Rahu come together in the same sign every 11 years. Below are major events that occurred from each conjunction. Events of an extreme nature occur during these conjunctions; revolutions, rebellions, war, earthquakes, extremes in weather, airline crashes, racial uprising, assassinations and epidemics. They are usually in the same sign for 18 months. Currently they are in Libra from January 2013-July 2014.
We have been on a fast tract concerning events of this nature. I believe many world events involving war and destruction are due to occur now and throughout next July 2014. Beginning this August through November the intensity of events will become extreme.

We are in the process of birthing a new world. It is the time before a new dawn which requires surrender. Birth can be painful but the outcome is always rewarding. As in previous events of Saturn conjunct Rahu major events of an explosive nature brought a new awareness and peace. 1865 was the last time Saturn and Rahu were in the sign of Libra. It was the end of the Civil War but also the assassination of President Lincoln. 1945 was the end of World War II but also the bombing of Hiroshima. As sighted here a devastating event proceeded a time of peace.

From my e-book Predictions for 2013:

Saturn/Rahu Conjunctions

Year/Signs, Exact Day/ Degree and Events in History

1911 (Aries): May 2, 1911 (17 Aries)
Standard Oil monopoly broke up, China became a Republic, New York City public library opens, first aerial bombing in Libya.

1922 (Virgo): July 15, 1922 (9 Virgo)
Hitler began rise, Typhoon hits China causing 50,000 deaths, and Mussolini came into power, 8.8 earth quake in Chile kills 1,500, tsunami followed 14 hours later in Hawaii

1934 (Aquarius): February 12, 1934 (26 Aquarius)
Nazi party began rise, Hitler became the Fuhrer of Germany, many major earthquakes Nepal earthquake 8.5 kills 10,700, 4.7 million in US receive welfare, US Mafia gains power, Discovery of planet Pluto

1945 (Gemini): May 27, 1945 (16 Gemini)
End of World War II; Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, Adolf Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, commit suicide, Franklin Delano Roosevelt dies in office, Yalta agreement

1956 (Scorpio): October 8, 1956 (6 Scorpio)
Rosa Parks civil rights amendment, social rebellions and protests, Asian flu pandemic kills 4 million, biggest snow storms recorded in U.S, one of worse droughts in US destroying crops

1968 (Pisces): April 30, 1968 (25 Pisces)
Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy assassination, My Lai massacre, Hijacking of Pan Am Flight 281, Viet Nam War, Civil Rights Movement, TET Offensive of the Viet Cong

1979 (Leo): July 7, 1979 (16 Leo)
Iran revolution, oil crises, Margret Thatcher becomes new prime minister of England, Shah leaves Iran and Ayatollah Khomeini takes over, Iranian militant seize US embassy in Teheran and held hostages

1991 (Capricorn): January 20, 1991 (4 Capricorn)
Gulf War (Dessert Storm), Rodney King, and Los Angeles riots, Cyclone hit Bangladesh, kills 138, 000, assassination of Rajiv Gandhi in India, second largest volcanic eruption of the twentieth century Luzon, Philippines

2002 (Taurus): June 4, 2002 (23 Taurus)
Iraq War, Euro becomes the official currency for most of Europe, Terrorists bomb Bali's nightclub kills 202 injuring 209, train crash Tenga, kills 197, China Airlines Flight 611: kills 225 people. Air China kills 128, TAME Flight 120, Andes kills 92, Reporter Daniel Pearl murdered

2013 (Libra): September 17, 2013 (14 Libra)
History is in the making!

Predictions for August 2013

August is hot and angry!

August 6th Tuesday, ruled by Mars, is a day of conflict. Watch as things begin to heat up worldwide. September 11th 2001 was on Mars’ day (Tuesday). Transiting Jupiter and Mars are in a very precarious position for the USA natal chart. Transiting Jupiter is 15 degrees Gemini, same position as natal Jupiter, and transiting Mars is 22 degrees Gemini, same degree as the USA’s natal Sun, plus transiting Mercury is exactly conjunct the natal position of the USA chart. Additionally, transiting Pluto is opposed natal and transiting Jupiter. This involves uncanny multiple transits hitting simultaneously. The return of so many planets to their natal positions at this time reveals an awakening for the United States of America. This may indicate attacks on the American government or our land. Protection is important and very costly. The economy is taking a toll from the expense to defend and protect our nation. This transformation will make a difference in world consciousness, but may only be understood in retrospect.

Unexpected upsets on our land and country can also indicate explosive earthquakes and eruptions.

For those concerned about the economy, fear due to escalating conflict worldwide will cause the markets and economy to begin to falter. And war brewing in the Middle East will cause fuel prices to rise, having an effect on the economy as well.

August 18: Mars will enter Cancer where it is weak in the 8th house in the USA natal chart of finances and banks. This causes financial upsets around the world. Financial problems become the focus.
Mars in Cancer is debilitated. During the next two months while Mars transits in Cancer there will be a depression in the housing markets due to Mars’ rulership of real estate. Taxes and interest rates will rise causing the real estate market to falter somewhat, but this is only temporary for things in this area will change as soon as Mars enters Leo, October 6, 2013.

August 21: Jupiter square Uranus activates sudden upsets and sizable activity around severe weather and storms. Hurricanes and tornadoes will be extreme this year.

The end of August and September are worse for severe weather and Earthquakes.

08/4 Sun trine Uranus, Mercury enters Cancer
08/06 New Moon, 20 degrees Cancer; nakshatra Ashlesha
08/07 Jupiter opposed Pluto
08/11 Venus enters Virgo, Mercury square Saturn
08/14 Mercury trine Uranus
08/16 Sun enters Leo
08/18 Mars enters Cancer
08/20 Mercury enters Leo, full Moon 4 degrees Aquarius; nakshatra
08/21 Jupiter square Uranus
08/24 Venus square Pluto, Sun conjunct Mercury
08/25 Mercury opposed Neptune
08/26 Venus opposed Uranus, Sun opposed Neptune
08/27 Venus square Jupiter
08/28 Mercury trine Pluto