AstroFinance: The Big Picture

6 Aug 2012

From Victoria:
I asked Joni to look at many charts this week. The first is for the United States itself. Have no doubt that we are indeed part of a global marketplace that can change direction in the blink of an eye (or less if you are a high frequency trader). So it's vital to understand what is coming up for us in the next few months.
Next I asked her to look into the future of the Euro. So much of the trading in the U.S. stock markets is swayed by what is happening with the Euro, which again, seems to change on a daily basis.
China is also a huge factor in our world economy. What is its outlook for the remainder of 2012?
Then I asked Joni to look at some specific stocks.
Research in Motion (RIMM) has steadily declined for several quarters as a result of not keeping up with advances in mobile technology. Its outlook is grim by analysts standards with the only hope looking to be sold to another tech company. What does Joni see in their chart?
J.C. Penney (JCP) hired former Apple executive Ron Johnson to turn their retail business around. After two quarters of declining numbers with him at the helm, many are wondering if he can pull the retailer out of its tailspin. Joni has the answers the below.
From Joni:
The next three months will be filled with high risk times and the potential for major upheaval.

Transiting Neptune is aspecting the natal Moon (September 9th). All the deception and denial is surfacing and the truth is being revealed about the giant losses and disappearance of so much money that is unaccounted for. 

There will be a solar eclipse on November 13, 2012. I am using the eclipse chart for this day for Washington, DC, and transposing it onto the chart of the United States of America.

This is a critical time frame for many events. The U.S. chart has some very challenging aspects to it. The eclipse chart throws up major red flags.

Mars in this chart (eclipse) aspects (8th aspect) exactly natal Mercury in the 8th house of the U.S. chart. Mercury rules the 7th and 10th houses. The 10th house is the leader or President. Mars aspect means treacherous times. The 8th house and 8th aspect of Mars rules death or endings, and Mars is violence. It may just mean people will be in a violent uproar and through their polarity they are destroying themselves and dividing the nation even more. This is mainly November. It will a very rough month for our country.


The Euro
September will be a rough month. Around September 8th, there will be major problems for the Euro. It may not last through January 2013, where it may fold. January 11th transiting Saturn will fully aspect the natal Sun, while Pluto conjuncts the Sun. This can be devastating! I don’t see how it will last beyond this time. 


 They will fare better than the rest of the world in the next three months. Exports save them! Debts other countries owe them keeps them in a powerful place.


Reasearch in Motion
 Bad news! Transiting Mars will hit Saturn in August. This looks bad. Eclipses are coming towards natal Saturn and Mars in a year. By November 5th transiting Saturn will hit their natal Mars. Mars rules the finances in this chart so the money will run out. Bad stock! It's over for them by November.


J.C. Penny
 Looks like the fall of so many businesses is contributing to the plummeting stock market. Here is another major fall. September 4th transiting Saturn will conjunct natal Jupiter which rules their 2nd house of money. The money and debt cannot be overcome. The new CEO losses out because on September 4th, Saturn at 2 degrees of Libra it is conjunct Jupiter but also square natal Mars and Mars is the planet that rules the 10th house, which rules the presidents or leaders (CEO). This is a heavy hit they cannot recover from. This was in effect last year as well but this is the last hit meaning it is over.
Notice transiting Saturn is also fully aspecting all the planets in Sagittarius. 


Victoria Belue Schaefer and Joni Patry