Ask Joni: Question of the Month

Each month Joni answers a member’s question about astrology. If you have a question you would like Joni to answer, leave a comment at the end of this article.

This month’s question comes from Joelle Caldwell:

When a planet is retrograde how does it affect everyone individually based on their birth chart?

Joni: When a planet is retrograde it affects everyone specifically based on their individual birth chart. This depends on the houses the retrograde planet rules. While Mars is retrograde this month until May 19, Mars’ energy feels more intense. It will bring up past issues of anger that have been repressed. This means it is time to face and deal with these issues. The houses Mars rules in your chart indicate the areas to be addressed. For example those who have Libra ascendants, Mars rules the 2nd and the 7th houses. This means issues concerning money and relationships are the issues that surface. Retrograde planets bring up stuff from the past, so it entails longstanding issues to be addressed, but once it is worked through a healing will improve life. But it may be very difficult during the healing process. The house where Mars is physically transiting in the chart will be affected. But the MOST important area of life that will be affected are the houses that Mars rules. So as in the example for Libra Ascendants, Mars is transiting the 12th house, which will cause loss around physical energy and possible secret enemies. But the most obvious effect will always involve the houses that the retrograde planet rules, which again for Libra ascendant concerns the 2nd (money) and 7th (relationships). Depending on your ascendant and the two houses that Mars rules will be the areas that are most affected in your life.

  • Ascendants
  • Aries: 1st and 8th Houses
  • Taurus: 12th and 7th Houses
  • Gemini: 6th and 11th Houses
  • Cancer: 5th and 10th Houses
  • Leo: 4th and 9th Houses
  • Virgo: 3rd and 8th Houses
  • Libra: 2nd and 7th Houses
  • Scorpio: 1st and 6th Houses
  • Sagittarius: 5th and 12th Houses
  • Capricorn: 4th and 11th Houses
  • Aquarius: 3rd and 10th Houses
  • Pisces: 2nd and 9th Houses