April 2014 Spiritual Insights: Passing of Vedic Astrologer David LaGrone

1 Apr. 2014

I have sad news to announce; veteran Vedic astrologer David LaGrone has passed. He was an active part of the Fort Worth astrological community. Many years ago I attended my first Vedic astrology class taught by David LaGrone. He was brilliant and completely dedicated to Vedic astrology. Over the years we remained friends. He called me about six months ago and we exchanged pleasantries. Then he asked if he could put me in his will for his very extensive collection of Vedic astrology books and tapes. I told him I would be honored, and then asked if there was anything wrong. He said no not at all, he was just putting together a will. Then a week ago his daughter-in-law, Deb, called me with this message. “I am David's daughter-in-law and I have been asked by his children to contact you regarding the items that David has bequeathed to you.”

I called immediately with a heavy, sad heart but a sense of honor. We arranged to meet at his home in Glen Rose, Texas, which is about an hour and half drive from Dallas. My husband and I took the day off to make the adventure. It was a delightful drive into the heart of Texas. It was just like going into a time tunnel. The countryside changed dramatically in such a short distance.  He lived in the country   in a lovely oasis immersed in an intellectual haven with books on Eastern spiritual philosophies. Ironically, he was in a very conservative Texas town. Being a Texan myself, I am totally aware of the simplistic, down to earth Texas hospitality. But I had not been exposed to this in such a long time. I lived in Austin in the 1970s while attending college at the University of Texas and remember so much of this. Glen Rose is like a time warp of this old Texas history, and history is certainly what this quaint little Texas town is known for, because it is known for its many prehistoric dinosaur remains and has a well-known museum. It also has a beautiful wild life preserve that I visited many years ago.  As you drive through giraffes are nudging your car with curiosity.

But what made the trip the most enjoyable was the amazing Texas hospitality for everywhere you went everyone greeted you with a wholehearted smile and a hello. We had lunch in a busy restaurant called the Green Pickle Café.  Everyone in there began talking to us from all around. From the table next to us came the comment, “Why I remember my first hamburger costing 17 cents.” Then another table asked where we were from, and then a conversation about Dallas started up. We heard about the 50th wedding anniversary that was to be celebrated the next weekend and the same couple told us about the wonderful water that they got from their wells. Now I am wondering, maybe there is magic in that water! Everywhere you went it seemed like Mayberry from the Andy Griffith show. Many new best friends were made in an instant. But I dare not tell them why I was there and what I did. It was much nicer just enjoying the happiness and simplicity of this blast from the past.

The books I received from David exemplified his quest for enlightenment and spirituality. I am thinking he was attracted to this town for the reasons I felt while there. It was like a get away from all the issues and problems the world is facing right now. It was comforting to see people living together in complete harmony with simplicity, caring for their fellow human beings.

David must have somehow known this mini adventure would be meaningful and special to me. I came to understand and realize his truths that he practiced. Deb told me that he felt it was very important to give to others, this is why he wanted his books to go to others that would enjoy and appreciate them. He had other book topics willed with their name on the boxes. She said he was very giving, and that was what David was all about. Also in his will he arranged for some underprivileged children to receive an education paid for by him until age 18.

Looking back as my husband and I were driving, we both commented on how magical and mystical the day was – meeting Deb, talking about David and receiving his beautiful library. He must have known how I cherish books. It was like a mystical journey back in time and it all seemed like a dream. Even the conversations with so many seemed dream-like.

I have my very special friend David LaGone to thank for this mystical day of intrigue for it helped me realize what is important in this life, the simple happiness of sharing and giving. The energy I felt in this sweet little town is something I have not experienced in so many years from a simpler time. It was like an escape from this world. My husband Daniel and I commented that we couldn’t have had a better time anywhere in world.

Thank you for everything David, you will be dearly missed, Joni Patry.

In Loving Memory

Charles David LaGrone, 74, died Sunday, March 16, 2014. Charles was born Oct. 19, 1939, in Tulsa, Okla., to Jean Lanace and Francis Sutherland LaGrone. He worked as a computer specialist for over 35 years.

David LaGrone
06:53 pm
Tulsa, Oklahoma

March 16, 2014
04:45 am
Glen Rose, Texas

Survived by his daughter Beverlee Frazier and son Paul LaGrone, and
5 grandchildren, Joy and Nathan Frazier, Charles LaGrone, Jenifer and David Olszowka