A World in Crisis; Egypt, Turkey and US

1 August 2013

These predictions use the sidereal placements of planets used in Vedic astrology, western astrology uses the tropical zodiac. The aspects will be the same in both systems only the signs and degrees differ by 23-24 degrees.

The Current world conditions are intensifying as the conflict across the globe heats up. There are many extraordinary astrological events that are indicating a major shift in the world consciousness. But we must go through great destruction to clear the path for this new awareness to surface.

The most significant astrological event is the Saturn and Rahu conjunction. They will be exact September 17th at 14 degrees Libra, and the solar eclipse will occur on November 3rd at 17 degrees Libra. But a very unusual event is occurring on top of these extreme events. There is a comet due to light up the sky according to astronomers called comet ISON. This comet is due to pass over Saturn and Rahu in November. This comet is believed to be the brightest one of the century. Some think it could be relevant to the Hopi Indian prophecy of a bright blue star or comet due to appear that will bring great destruction to the world.

In Egypt the democratically elected leader has been overthrown by the armed forces and the people are in chaos.

The Muslim world is in conflict with the westernized society defying a democracy. This is occurring in Egypt as well as Turkey. The discord could escalate and create an ensuing war that will involved the entire Middle East
and influence all Muslim nations and people around the world.

The countries most significantly activated through the current planetary transits are Egypt, Turkey and the US. I believe this is the beginning of very extreme crises that will explode into worldwide fighting and destruction.



Transiting Mars and Jupiter crossed over the natal Sun in the birth chart for Egypt.. The Sun in a chart always represents the king or President. This indicates the end of the leaders reign over the country as the people dismissed President Mohamed Morsi of his position as the President of Egypt.

As transiting Mars and Jupiter conjoin the Sun and Mars on Monday July 8, 2013 in Egypt’s chart the army shot and killed over 50 people from the Muslim Brotherhood as they were praying. This act of violence will provoke more of the same vehemence. Transiting Ketu will cross over natal Venus in their 3rd house known as the house of war. Venus in their chart rules the 4th house of the homeland.

Mercury turned retrograde around the degree of their natal Mercury ruler of the 5th and 8th house. The 8th house indicates death and extremes of power. As transiting Mars crosses over Mercury at 27 degrees of Virgo August 14th it will also square natal Saturn and Neptune in the 8th house causing all hell to break out. The 27degree mark is very significant in this chart for the Moon is even at this degree, as well as Mercury, Saturn and Neptune.

The U.S. is sending more than 20 F-16 fighter jets, as part of a $1 billion foreign aid package to Egypt. The Morsi-led Muslim Brotherhood government has not proven to be a partner for democracy. "The delivery of the first set of F-16s in January 2013 reflects the U.S. commitment to supporting the Egyptian military's modernization efforts”.



More than 100,000 Turkish protesters have gathered at Istanbul's Taksim Square, calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyib Erdogan. Erdoğan, the prime minister, has opted in his violent and confrontational response to three weeks of unprecedented unrest to split Turkey in two: a country of "friends and foes", "us and them", "majorities and minorities".

The chart for Turkey is also activated around the same placements. The planets activated in Turkey’s chart are the 5th house planets in Libra. The exact conjunction of Saturn and Rahu are very close to the Sun in Libra within 2 degrees. This indicates some type of ending for their leader as well. The solar eclipse in November will surface many hidden agendas. The planets placement in the 5th house represents the future is changing for the children of this country.

Transiting Uranus and Pluto, planets of revolution and transformation are in square to each other and have been aspecting Turkey’s ascendant and Mars. This creates a grand mutable cross where all the angles are activated in this chart. This indicates major revolution and change for this country.

Transiting Mars and Jupiter are crossing over the ascendant and Moon indicating fiery blowups. Transiting Mars will also square natal Mars in the 4th house of the homeland in Turkey’s chart. The events occurring in Egypt and Turkey may be influencing each other.

A very interesting fact is that the President Abdullah Gul has the same birthday as Turkey, October 29. The Sun in both charts is under the pressure of Rahu and Saturn.

United States


The other country tied into all the same planets is the US. Natal Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Sun are being aspected by the transit of Mars and Jupiter. Transiting Mars will aspect the US’s natal Saturn in the 10th house of leadership. There are many connections with these charts as the US and Egypt both have Neptune and Saturn in Virgo even though the birth charts are 244 years different. Turkey has natal Mars in this place. This can mean Turkey will be unhappy with the stand that the US takes in relation to Egypt.

August 6, 2013 transiting Mars will conjunct the US Sun and transiting Jupiter will conjunct natal Jupiter exactly on that day, indicating a significant event concerning the US involvement with these two counties Turkey and Egypt. There are definitely problems due to come concerning all three countries.

The fact that there are many connections with all these planets make for a very complicated line of events soon to occur. The Rahu and Ketu axis is tied together with the US and Egypt. The US has Ketu and Pluto conjunct Egypt’s Rahu, and Egypt’s Ketu and Pluto is conjunct the US’s Ketu, Rahu and Mercury. Rahu and Ketu represent fate and destiny indicating a certain destiny that is about to unfold.

It is significant that the US and Egypt have Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Virgo plus both charts also have Pluto conjunct Ketu but in opposing signs. The US has Pluto and Ketu in Capricorn and Egypt has Pluto and Ketu in Cancer. In the US chart this involves the banks and money indicating a major financial loss that will soon occur between now and the end of the year.

I believe the connection of the Pluto and Ketu can profoundly indicate a war that surfaces out of the current decisions of the leaders, for these planets indicate great loss that will transform the world.

The most symbolic event is the comet ISON passing over Saturn and Rahu as an eclipse occurs at the same time. Comets have been known to herald in messages for great change, meaning this eclipse will produce world-changing events. The following year 2014 will be volatile transformative but this destructive force will clear the way for a new world order.